Yoroi Testnet wallet Dashboard error

Hi guys, I got an Yoroi testnet wallet issue. I tried to open the Dashboard of my Yoroi testnest wallet but failed. The page shows:
Error received from server while getting pool info.

No Rewards and delegation info shows up

Anybody ever got this problem?


There is connectivity issue with Yoroi and Testnet network (also Deadalus). Try again with time or reinstall the wallet, or wait for stable update :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot !

Hey Rockiesecho!

Exactly as @junada said, keep trying and it will eventually work, I got mine on the 6th attempt, it is a test net as it is to be expected, but I am certain with the updates thing will be getting smoother and smoother.

Also its important to keep in the mind, after initially delegating the the first rewards you get will come after the current and next Epochs end, each Epoch is 24 hours, after that you get rewards on every Epoch when you have successfully delegated to nice pool.

Happy Staking!


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