Yoroi Testnet chrome extension problems


I’m experiencing problems with my Yoroi Testnet chrome extension. The dashboard doesn’t show my total rewards and total delegated amounts (I’m getting indefinitely spinning progress indicators). The delegation tab doesn’t work too - same symptoms : indefinitely spinning progress indicator.
I’m getting some javascript errors in the console:

Does anybody experiencing the same problems? How do I fix that?

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Development/Updates for Yoroi Testnet based on ITN stopped a while ago, and so have the rewards from ITN. Yoroi team is busy working with upcoming Haskell releases, and the issue you mention is what everyone sees.
Given that the next stop in the journey is really the Balance Check, I would not expect Yoroi Testnet for ITN to be looked after much.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to know how do we claim our staked rewards once the Shelley update gets integrated into the main net?

I guess you’ll be able to claim the rewards with the wallets seed phrase from the ITN…someone correct me if I’m wrong :wink:

You will have to restore your reward wallet in the mainnet with the seed from the testnet wallet.

I have the same issues since two days.
I have around 70k ADA in this wallet, but now it shows only the Rewards-Balance (around 2,5k ADA) . The Total Balance shows infinite spinning progress.
The “Total delegated Amount” shows only the Amount of the rewards, not the 72k like before.

I just went a little bit crazy, because i thought something happened to my whole 70k … But i have to wait for the Mainnet to restore the whole amount,right?

Only rewards will be restored on mainnet. The balance was just a “representation” of your 29 November mainnet balance.


Oh my God, i totally forget that it was only a snapshot from my Daedalus-Wallet. I just restored my old Daedalus-Wallet , and oh wonder, the missing ADA are here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you mate! Now, Shelley can come to the Mainnet :slight_smile:

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