Re: Update to Yoroi Wallet version 2.4

I installed Yoroi wallet Chrome extension in April 2019 and haven’t done a manual update ever, has it been updating its version automatically in the background or do I need to do a manual update?

Does the newly introduced Yoroi Wallet extension version 2.4.0 support delegation of ADA from a Ledger Nano S cold wallet?

Thank you

The release is for the Yoroi Shelley testnet extension – not the mainnet Yoroi extension. Browser extensions update automatically unless you explicitly turned this off.

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Thank for that information, that really helped me a lot, otherwise I might have downloaded Yoroi Shelley testnet extension by mistake

Thank you so much Sebastian

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I restored my testnet wallet on Yoroi. However, the ADA I made before in the Daedalus Incentivized testnet are not showing on the within the Total Rewards within Yoroi?

Should I be worried?

Where can view the ADA I made before in Daedalus Incentivized testnet? I cannot view them there as I deleted the Daedalus Incentivized testnet program and I cannot restore the Daedalus Incentivized testnet wallet in Daedalus Incentivized testnet.

How will I be able to access the ADA I made in the Daedalus Incentivized testnet until now?

If anyone could help I would be very thnakful.

Why can’t you restore Daedalus ITN, what happens when you try? The answer might help us understand the problem you’re having with Yoroi.

Thank you for the reply. Good point, I was just about to add that. I was and I am now told in Daedalus Incentivized testnet that the wallet already exists.

OK, so the way to fix that is to delete the state directory, but you need to be sure the seed phrase is correct, which your problem with Yoroi suggests might not be true. Are you at all uncertain about the 15 word Rewards wallet phrase?

If the 15 word Reward wallet phrase was incorrect would I have been able to restore my wallet in Yoroi?

Also if you restore an empty testnet wallet in Yoroi, it tells you the wallet is empty.

Sorry, I am if I really just do not understand. I am thankful for your time, knowledge and patience.

I’m not an expert on Yoroi but: if the balance is wrong, it’s very likely you’ve restored the wrong wallet, due to using the wrong seed phrase. I’ll step back now and let somebody more knowledgable come in.

Thank you anyway.

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It may be that your funds are back in your original wallet and you have to upgrade your Daedalus wallet to a rewards wallet again.

How do I do this, sorry? Do I download a new version of the Daedalus testnet wallet or the standard Daedalus wallet?

The Yoroi Shelley testnet browser extension has a “transfer wallet” page that lets you upgrade Daedalus wallets. You can try that
If you try and it says no balance found, then you’ve probably already upgraded your wallet so you should be able to just restore the wallet with the recovery phrase.

Thank you.

I did just that. The issue is that the rewards I made before are not showing under the heading “Total Rewards” the number is 0.000000.

Transferring ADA to a different wallet does not transfer the rewards. To access the rewards, you need the recovery phrase for the wallet that earned the ADA.
I’m not aware of any case where Yoroi would show the wrong reward but if you want to double-check, you can use a tool like Pegasus Tool (mobile application) to verify that your reward amount is correct.

Thank you.

Hi Sebastion - When sending my ADA from Yoroi/Ledger I am asked to confirm the destination address and amount for a second time - this is different from my original inputs. Im assuming this is the change address that is generated by the ledger? I watched some of your videos explaining this but I wanted to confirm this was the case? Also, you mentioned this detail was to be taken away from subsequent releases - Has or will this happen?

Thanks Seb

Yes, it’s no longer an issue. The only time you would be seeing this is possibly if you’re using a different Ledger device than the one you used to create the wallet originally (or a different recovery phrase for the device you had)

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