Yoroi Shelly Testnet

I had some ADA in a normal Yoroi wallet. Then I tried to restore that wallet in the Yoroi Shelly testnet wallet so I could stake it. The issue is that after restoring the wallet my ADA valance in it is cero. Shouldn’t my ADA be in the wallet after restoring it?

did you had it in yoroi wallet at the snapshot (27th november if im right)?

Just after 12:00 UTC on the 29th.

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No, I bought ADA on January and placed it in a Yoroi wallet. Now, this wallet is the one I restored into the Yoroi Shelly Testnet but the ADA does not appear in it.

yes thats not how it works.

only ada which were in daedalus or yoroi at the 29th nov can be restored in the ITN.

sorry but you can’t take part of the ITN.

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There is an issue with Yoroi Mobile where some users are unable to upgrade their wallet. The Yoroi extension should work correctly. We’re pushing an update to Yoroi Mobile to fix this today and it usually takes 1-2 days for Google & Apple to approve an update so should be released to the public by Friday.

he didnt had his ada token in his wallet at the snapshot, so i think that fix wont help him at all :smiley:

have a nice day sebastien :slight_smile:

Oh my bad. I should have read the whole thread before answering.