Testnet Daedalus and Yoroi rewards wallets ADA balance discrepancy

First I created an ITN Daedalus rewards wallet. The balance was exactly the same as the 2d main net snapshot. So far, so good.

The Daedalus rewards wallet experienced so many issues with the ITN deployment that I decided to use that same ITN Daedalus rewards wallet seed to recover it on a Yoroi ITN rewards wallet instead. It worked just fine but the Yoroi ADA balance is wrong, It doesn’t reflect the main net 2d snapshot original balance, instead it is a much lower value.

In short, I now have two ITN rewards wallets active. Both have different ADA balances. The Daedalus one seems to be ok, the Yoroi one has the balance wrong. I am concerned that the wrong balance might overcome the correct one and reduce significantly my rewards although I have only been staking on Daedalus so far.

I would prefer to stake on Yoroi, but I can not do that as its ADA balance is much lower than my original Daedalus balance and I don’t want to lose rewards.

I already filled a ticket with IOHK zendesk, but since it is an issue that crosses over from Daedalus/IOHK to Yoroi/EMURGO it usually never gets a fast response. The ticket has been open for two days and still nothing.

I was hoping for some clues maybe, or even to get lucky and have an Emurgo dev check this…

I am running windows 10, Daedalus Rewards Incentivized testnet v1 (2.0.0-ITN# and Yoroi shelley testnet v 2.2.2

Thank you.

I have the same issue.

My balance on Daedalus is correct on Yoroi it is not.

On Yoroi the remaing balance didnt seem to get transfered back to my wallet after the delegate fee was taken. Sure its some bug in Yoroi…