Delegation tracker

We like to bring our community solution Delegation tracker under your attention.

We are JUNO stake pool from the Netherlands an early adopter of Cardano since the start of 2017 and been supporting Cardano ever since runnning stake pools on ITN, HTN and Mainnet.

We are a software company that is actively building commercial solutions on Cardano, for example: Dapp for Business Contracts and Artano NFT marketplace.

Next to this we are contributing to Cardano in several ways, one of them is the Plutus Development program and the other is by building a solution for the community called Delegation tracker.

Last year we decided to start building the Delegation tracker solution for the Cardano community which can be found via the following url:

Goal of the Delegation tracker solution is to give delegators and stake pool operators a clean user interface with information that is valuable to them.

To give any stake pool an equal chance to acquire stake from delegators we decided not to rank stake pools in our solution. In our opinion it should be up to the personal preference of the delegator to decide to stake with a stake pool. For example a delegator is interested in charity stake pools. Our goal is to provide delegators with suggestions based on their preferences.

Our solution did reach a certain level of functionality that we think it would be valuable to anyone who is delegating their stake to a stake pool or is running a stake pool.

We are planning for more functionality to be released during 2021 and hope that is valuable you as a delegator and stake pool operator to get better insights.

Everyone is invited to participate in our solution by giving us feedback. Good ideas will make it to our back log to be developed. We believe in the power of the community by developing something together that is useful to them.

In case you didn’t know yet about delegation tracker we invite you to visit our website and try our solution yourself. Please let us know what you think and what you consider that needs to be improved in order for you to use the solution.

Further we would love to see our solution on the Infographic of Cardano under Community based solutions. You can help us achieving this by using our solution.

If you love our work you can support us by staking with JUNO, our stake pool rewards are being used for the development of solutions on Cardano.

Thank you,
JUNO stake pool

I get an error.

What is the error you got?

Now it works. Don’t know the error but I didn’t get any pools.

“Not ranking stake pools”? :thinking: The initial, default front page view has the 12 largest pools by total stake size… all of them currently above the saturation limit. And then pools are listed in order by descending size, with the largest pools first… why not just use Daedalus? :nauseated_face:

Maybe our devs just were deploying a new version, glad to hear it works. The nature of software development is that sometimes things can break although we try to avoid it as much as we can.

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We have categories, we don’t give pools a ranking number. The solution is still under development and will improve over time. In case you have suggestions please provide them on our website.
Daedalus ranking has been pretty flawed since the start, so that’s why not Daedalus and beside that you cannot compare pools don’t see anything about delegators entering or leaving a pool.
You don’t have to use the solution, only if you think it is valuable to you. We think our solution has value over Daedalus. Thank you for your feedback.