Delisting of BSV from Binance, ShapeShift and others

I do not care about BSV as a project or the way their representative behave, what I do disagree is the way this was handled from important key players in the CC world.

Lets imagine that Tim Cook did not stand up to Steve Jobs standards on how should Apple be driven, and Mr Tim has some awkward, irrational and erratic public behavior, up to this point sounds irrelevant and up to the market to decide if Apple products will survive the free market, but if suddenly Nasdaq CEO’s Adena Friedman decides to delist Apple based on a comment on Twitter, it will not also affect Apple’s stock prices, but the way Nasdaq is perceived as a trusted and respected National Association of Securities Dealers Quotations.

Now, if the delisting is announced because a rigorously investigation made by Binance or any other exchange or company, it will shift the perception towards BSV and their representatives, showing prove that they are trying to commit fraud through Bitcoin Satoshi’s View project and that Binance response was professional and as expected from a leader in its niche that it is trying to protect the market and its customers.

This is one reason the CC has a lot to work on before going moon and mass adoption, even if it is a disruptive technology to be a successful business scenario like Spotify or Netflix, but for now CC are in the Napster era, free music to all and no rules.

It’s a great deal worse than that, I suggest you look at (source @Josseh80 above) and do some googling to see what the guy has done.

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Yes, I agree with you, the project is a scam and the guy is a crook, and they needed to be stopped, as happened with Bitconnect.

I’m just pointing out how the problem was handled and that it has had to be tackled in a more forceful way to eradicate it, along with many others that are also scams. It is essential that more regulations are established around crypto currencies to achieve a healthy and prosperous ecosystem.

Here is an example where we are at right now: IMF director: "crypto disruptors are shaking the system," launches private cryptocurrency "Learning Coin"

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chairperson Christine Lagarde stated cryptocurrency and other “disruptors” are “shaking up” the incumbent financial industry, with potentially double-sided effects. Now more than ever, authorities need to keep an eye on these disruptive technologies so stability in the global banking system will not be affected, said Lagarde.


Crypto tulips will stabilize at some point, because endlessly rewriting satoshi’s original algorithm with sole purpose of no strings attached fundraising wont last forever.

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Alex Jones should be in jail. systematic fake news and manipulation KILL people. that’s EVIL. If charles said that I strongly disagree. Charles is a billionaire, not a person in vulnerable situtation, perhaps for this reason he has not understood certain things.

Private entities delisting a coin is not censorship. it’s not the same thing. they still can have their coin listed in some scam exchange like yobit and bitebtc. he still can say any bullshit he wants.

A private company can make what they owners consider the best for their customers. and delisting a scam is a good thing, I would delist BCH too.


A private company like Binance or Kraken can do as they please - so delisting BSV is totally acceptable though on the same note I would probably delist a laundry list of coins as they were created to create false value when the recent ICO bull market hit.

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I think that it’s fair that Binance can choose to delist BSV if BSV has broken some rules or standards of Binance. CZ is not forcing other exchanges to delist BSV. I support his right to remove BSV from his own exchange, and also the right of other exchanges to keep listing BSV if they choose to.

As for the Alex Jones examples by Charles. It goes to show that nobody is always right. He should not support such a vehement racist’s right to preach violence on others, nor help Alex Jones slander Children that were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary. It would be like prediction markets claiming free speech if many of their users were betting on potential assassinations. There need to be a line drawn somewhere.

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I agree. I think this and similar cases are due to fundamentalism: a belief that certain principles are absolute, so the effects of applying them need never be weighed in the balance. I guess probably all ideologies have their own fundamentalists. I’m highly sceptical of ideologies in general.

I get the point about free speech, but there are limits when speech is weaponized. Of course, characterizations like this are contested as well and when averaged towards a supposed center is quite distorted.