Market madness

There is something really interesting going on in these markets right now and I’m starting to think that Bitcoin SV is playing a huge factor into this. I don’t know exactly how this is happening but looking at the market changes over the past few hours I have my suspicions. I think there is some strong force to have Bitcoin SV overtake Bitcoin Cash. Whether or not that happens it seems to be having an effect on the whole market.

Just my take on things, I could be completely wrong and probably am.

These are very strange times and there are strange forces at work. A mysterious and cold crypto winter it is. :cold_face:


Agree. There is something wrong… We may see BTC collapse if price continues to decline.

Structural shifts are underway.

Anything could happen. Hopefully in 2019 market price for coins will be driven by the functionality and integrity of their protocol. :relieved:

If btc collapses everything will and the crypto market will take years to recover !

I dont think that will happen though, this is just a market cycle that needs to run its course. BTC has not bottomed out yet.

It might sound abit ridiculous but it wouldnt surprise me at all if SV amd the whole ‘hash war’ was just a narrative to allow the BCH creators to dump their holdings. No doubt alot of BTC is also being dumped though, driving the price down. However I still feel this is just the market cycle.

I can see SV being a total scam and dumping hard at some point, leaving the people involved alot wealthier with increased bags of BTC.

BTC being dumped to prop up BSV perhaps? Can’t last forever (I hope).

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It already happened during the night. I also think that some big players fighting with each other right now, I just don’t understand what this is good for. I think they are burning their money by such behaviour and give others the chance to buy in cheaply.

Hard to imagine it going lower but there was a time (not long ago) when I didn’t think it would go below 6k. I was looking into social influencers that support SV and it’s quite strange to hear their opinions. It’s very reminiscent of the Bitcoin fork to Bitcoin Cash. They are starting to refer to SV as Bitcoin and they dismiss Bitcoin Cash completely even though that’s what SV was forked from. I hope to see a gradual decoupling of crypto price movements in 2019.

It looks like it is still going back and forth. To put a funny analogy to it, it’s like the whole crypto market is in a bar and the two arrogant low life’s at the bar decide to get into a huge fight breaking bottles and throwing chairs. Huge scene, tons of collateral damage.

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Market will tank hard in the next 3-7 weeks based on my current model - adjustments/tuning make it 2-6 but I think it will be 2-4 before a run up. It’s going to crash hard.

This is not financial advice. Investors of cryptocurrency markets should conduct their own thorough research before investing. I am not a financial consultant. Any information is presented for entertainment purposes only. Investors of crypto currencies should assume they very likely may lose all of their investments and monies in the crypto currency market.

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Honestly I believe that at this point because it certainly seems to be playing out like this. Could be even longer before any significant increases. I try not to stress about any of this, we’ve “made money” we’ve “lost money”. At the end of the day any crypto I’ve bought was because I’m fascinated with this technology and I want to experiment with it. New investors who got into this trying to make a quick buck might be really frustrated right now but those who bought for long term and intend to utilize this incredible technology shouldn’t see this as a bad thing at all and I’m sure most don’t. I’m okay with this. :grinning:

Crypto winter can be fun, let’s grab some sleds and ride down the hill! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep! Took my winnings and waiting for the dump to buy back in. I’ll keep some of my winnings though and will use it on the rebound if it does. Forces at work pushing this to crash to the bottom. I think BTC will be well below 2k in the coming weeks. The possibly down to 1k and when that happens it’s a panic fest. Open season.

This is not financial advice. This information is for entertainment purposes only. Any person investing in crypto currencies should seek the advice of a financial consult. Any person investing in crypto should assume that they may very likely lose all of their holdings or portfolio. I am not a financial advisor or consultant and none of my comments is advice for any transaction whatsoever.