Developer and music lover from Skopje, North Macedonia

Hi all,

Nice to find this place! I’m Bozhidar Hristov, from Skopje, North Macedonia. I work as a freelance developer, mainly in full stack and data science roles. My academic background is in finance and I’m really into macroeconomics. I also really love music and DJ and produce as a hobby. I am into all kinds of music: techno, disco, house, soul, ambient… you name it :slight_smile:. I’m even a cofounder and backend developer in a music related startup called Upbeat.

In the past year I have been starting to investigate for interesting crypto projects. As a developer, naturally I was checking the tech stacks of the different crypto currencies, to find interesting projects, ideas and investment opportunities. Recently I have finally bought some crypto and I have started to build my portfolio.

Cardano seems an interesting project to me for a few reasons. One is as a decentralized app platform, another is for the welcoming community and the third one is for the interesting technologies. Compared to other crypto projects, where everything seems to be built from scratch, Cardano seems to built on proven, stable technologies, like Haskell, Postgres, REST and GraphQL.

My plan is to do some exploration into crypto technologies and maybe do some blogging about technology used in crypto, or some simple project ideas.

I hang out on twitter a lot and if you want to find me there my handle is: boleroo



Welcome to the gang @Bozho !! :wink:
It seems that you have a lot and broad knowledge
(Perhaps your music can be included in one of the Cardano videos)

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Thank you for the welcome.
I am definitely a generalist, I get easily bored doing one thing!
Putting my music on some of your videos is a good idea actually, we can discuss further!

Welcome to the community @Bozho great to have you! :wave: :laughing: :cardano:

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Hello friend.Welcome to the group .I am from Bulgaria and I’m glad to find more balkan peoples here.Since when you are in Cardano project?

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Thank you! :cardano: :+1:

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Hello :wave:

I know about the project for maybe 6 months, I registered to the forum yesterday.