Hello from huge technology enthusiast

Greetings, PHP developer Miloslav here, from central Europe.

I recently entered the cryptocurrency world (probably like many others) because of big cryptocurrency hype and because my friends also started engaging. When i started digging deeper into it i discovered there is much much more than just Bitcoin and blockchain technology itself is pretty groundbreaking. I discovered Ethereum and really liked it, because that wasn’t just some digital currency, it was working decentralized platform for building apps - as a passionate developer who is fascinated by bleeding edge technology that was huge to me.

As i started digging even more deeper i ran into more altcoins, some of them i would classify as scam coins, others as pretty good…

Then i discovered Cardano project and man, that was really it. Ethereum is beautiful but it has some huge problems, probably most notable one is scaling and sustainability, which is pretty big problem for mass adoption in my opinion. Arduino assembled huge team consisting of world-class developers and researchers to solve these problems making new revolutionary blockchain and i actually believe they can deliver. Cardano, unlike many others, offers scientific facts, not just good marketing and 1-2 developers. This is second time i felt in love with, as i see it, new revolutionary technology (first would be virtual reality - Oculus Rift - i was an early adopter years before it was everywhere) and i feel i am right on the spot for something huge again :). In the coming months i would love to become more familiar with blockchain technology and Cardano specifically and would love to even build something myself on top of it (when Javascript is supported, because Haskell is way beyond my skills). Thank you so much for amazing work and specifically Charles for amazing presentations, loved every bit of it. I have huge respect towards people who use their amazing brains to push the world boundaries. Keep up good work!


Welcome on board @desther!

Welcome and well done with the inspiring words :wink:

Welcome @desther :slight_smile: