Different between NFT and FT

Sorry for maybe asking some very basic question. But, what is exactly the different between NFT and FT, And what is the application for both item?
and example would be great.


Hello @ADA-INDO, aybe this will be useful to you:


Digital representation of an asset of value defined by the community, market state, or self-governed entity. A token can be fungible or non-fungible, and act as a payment unit, reward, trading asset, or information holder.

Non-fungible token

A unique asset that is not interchangeable with any other asset(s). Non-fungible assets represent specific information (IP rights for example), and act as one unit that cannot be divided into smaller fractions.

Fungible token

An asset that is interchangeable and indistinguishable with some other asset(s). Same denomination bills and coins are fungible assets, for example, like equal quantities of ada to lovelaces.


There are different types of blockchain-based tokens, but they fall broadly into one of two categories, which include:

  • Fungible tokens - Fungible tokens represent assets of equal value. For example, Cardano’s native token, ada, is a fungible token, as each ada is worth the same amount as the next. Similarly, stablecoins, such as those pegged to a national currency, would be considered fungible tokens. Fungible tokens are often used similarly to fiat currency, or pegged to the price of a particular asset, such as an ounce of gold.

  • Non-fungible tokens - Not every asset is of equal value, even if it is of the same type. Non-fungible tokens, often called NFTs, ensure that each token is unique, with its own characteristics. Take a piece of artwork for example. Superficially, a painting is the same type of object or asset as any other painting. However, we know that a Van Gogh is intrinsically more valuable than an amateur piece of art, and these important unique characteristics can be coded into an NFT to reflect these differences.




Hi, thanks for replying. So to conclude, NFT is giving ID to a person or to a thing, while FT is the money that use to pay that item? Correct?
To give more clarity.
If I open a Basketball card store named coolcard. I make an ID to my Michael Jordan card using NFT code coolcard0001. Then, I create a FT money called (COBT) and this cobt is use to purchase my coolcard0001. Am I correct?

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