Native Tokens vs NFT creation

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Today, I’ve had the pleasure of minting a few VegasChips! In fact, I’ve created 100 in just a few minutes. I must say that it was delightful to do and so easy to use on the chain, so massive thanks!

I’m posting this topic so that I can get some clarity about how to create NFT’s. I’ve pretty much scoured the net for help. The main resource followed so far:

…has shown me examples to mint, sent and burnt them. All good and simple!

However, I’m struggling with the concept of NFT’s here. If I mint 1 token against a policy, that in effect is an NFT; but is it? Although it is non-fungible, based on name against the policy and quantity of 1, I was expecting more:

  • Tagging it with metadata, such as link to asset (such as image or service key) or setting a serial number

Is this the way we are expected to create NFT’s??? Or, are we waiting on Plutus to unlock this?

I appreciate we can create metadata as part of the minting transaction, but for me, that doesn’t really cut it. Why? I was hoping that given a token, I could examine it to retrieve it’s metadata to use in my app.

Is this to hopeful of me? Am I missing something? Can anyone help to correct my knowledge or set me straight???

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So, this confirms ERC721 is implemented lightly:

Thus, when I look at the ERC721 standard:

I’m struggling to find how to add the metadata to a Non-Fungible mint?? I just don’t see how it is incorporated from a ‘implementation’ view point. Can it be done?

This really is quite important and I’m surprised no one has asked about this so far? Either I’m missing it in the implementation or it is missing? If it is missing, how on earth do I mint an NFT that links to anything but a name in the token itself (which isn’t a good practice).


Hi @CrazyCareer I brought this up on the devnets call yesterday and we discussed it. The recording is posted in devnets slack here: Let me know if you need an invite.

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Great question @CrazyCareer :slight_smile:
And thank you for sharing @benohanlon !

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@benohanlon Can I get an invite to the slack ?

Please fill this out New Devnets Program

I just created this proposal for a NFT Metadata Standard: CIP - NFT Metadata Standard
Maybe this approach can work.


I would LOVE an invite. I keep asking and keep filling in that question form (4 times now). Still waiting on an invite… Fed up with this.

[edit] Just filled it in for the 5th time. I run VEGAS. It’s just (finally) sent me a confirmation of my filling it in.

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Second stage invites have just gone out! Expect invite in next hour or so.

Hey guys! if anybody is interested! We just launch an API service that runs a Cardano Node and IPFS nodes that anybody can use to mint NFTs and Fungible Tokens on Cardano. Its very easy to do from simple transactions to very complex Assets and Collections up to 1000 assets per transaction!

This is a RESTfull API service that is here to stay! Stay in loop for any new features coming this year!