Digest May 27, 2024: Another milestone on SanchoNet, Intersect Seeking Community Input For Drafting Cardano Constitution, Cardano Foundation Introduces a New Algorithm for Efficient Coin Selection on UTxO Blockchains

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Another milestone on SanchoNet!

On 23 May 2024 on SanchoNet, Cardano’s public governance testnet, a historic milestone has been achieved. For the first time, a hard fork was initiated using the governance mechanism outlined in CIP-1694. The “Hard-Fork Initiation” governance action was submitted on-chain, raising the major protocol version. After meeting the required voting thresholds from Stake Pool Operators and the Constitutional Committee, the governance action was ratified and enacted. For a more details, read Mike Hornan’s (@Hornan) article here.

Intersect Seeking Community Input For Drafting The Cardano Constitution

Cardano’s transition to community-led governance is underway! With the Chang upgrade, the process of drafting a Cardano Constitution begins. Applications are now open to host funded workshops globally, gathering community input to shape the Constitution’s principles, tenets, governance operations and rights.

Intersect members and non-members are encouraged to apply for the opportunity to lead these crucial discussions, with the goal of having a final, community-approved Constitution ready for ratification by early 2025.

To understand more about this process and how you can get involved, view the full blog here

Cardano Foundation Unveils MACS: A New Algorithm for Efficient Coin Selection on UTxO Blockchains

On May 23, 2024, the Cardano Foundation introduced MACS, a new multi-asset coin selection algorithm for UTxO-based blockchains, at the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain. This research addresses the crucial process of how wallets choose which coins to spend, directly impacting transaction speed, privacy, and fees. MACS aims to optimize this process for efficiency and user experience, taking full advantage of the UTxO model. Early simulations show promising results.

If you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of coin selection and how this cutting-edge research could shape the future of crypto technology, we invite you to read our full blog post here.

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