Disaster and Disappointing Experience at Emurgo Academy

I’m willing to improve my skill by paying $1300 to learn stuff, but as a paid course, we should feel responsibility, the experience at Emurgo Academy is quite disappointing, and they claim no refund after the first class, I did not attend any course after the third class even though they don’t refund, it’s just wasting my time.

Lack of Communication

We have a telegram group but their staff really don’t care about how students feel. The website has issues frequently, and they change or cancel the course without notice in advance. Even though the students already ask the course schedule in the group it happened again and again. Some students in Europe/US time zone need to get up early to attend the course but found there’s no class, not to mention the people who drop their own business off to attend the class. It happens 2 times in my 3-course journey, and it keeps happening after I quit the course.

Strong accent and general content

The lecturer has a really strong accent and fast speaking speed, and the word all stick together, with no adjustment after feedback. The lecture content was ok but had nothing to do with Cardano, the teaching material looks exactly the same as when they teach the Ethereum course.

If you’re a developer on Cardano, I believe you have the same feeling about Emurgo. The library that lots of developers are using is cardano-serialization-lib from Emurgo, with barely any documentation for three years, no matter how developers feel about it’s not gonna change.


i`m sorry for your bad experience! Use it to motivate you do other stuff, could be best outcame from your situation. :person_shrugging:

Sure I will, just sharing my experience and helping learners to avoid the course from Emurgo


Heard the same experience, Emurgo should improve but not rely on Cardano

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Hi @eric248550 Eric Tsai. This is Meenakshi, Chief Delivery Officer, of EMURGO Academy. Sorry to know about the inconvenience you experienced, in your learning journey with us. We are committed to helping our learners. We wish to hear you and provide you with the appropriate support. I am emailing you. Let me know a convenient time to join and discuss the same.

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