What happened with Emurgo HK?

In a recent Reddit post here:

A poster gave a small amount of information on the split between Emurgo and Emurgo HK.

I’m not looking to spread fud as it appears that whatever happened has been resolved. Is there any additional information from official channels on this? If there are legal reasons not to comment based on the terms of the agreement it would be great to state even that. If the separation is still being negotiated can we expect an announcement at a later date? Radio silence just lets people speculate aimlessly.

A little clarity would be welcome!



didn’t know about this either, hopefully i just missed it in an AMA or something… or is it a case of just sweeping it under the rug and hope that nobody notices, hopefully not

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@franco @rickymac I appreciate this post. I’m a firm believer in accountability and transparency. Questioning authority is a huge part of accountability. It’s not about FUD or some ulterior motive. It is about keeping leadership honest. Thanks

EMURGO did a statement about this a year ago: https://emurgo.io/en/blog/declaration-hk


This is not an actual one :wink:

EmurgoHK is no more, lost it’s funding a while ago. It doesn’t really make a difference. EmurgoJP and what used to be “EmurgoHK” are different entities. There is no split, they were never one to begin with.

EmurgoHK wasn’t contributing to the project and ended up hemorrhaging money. With everything going on with HK right now, It was a good move to shut it down.


Thanks everyone!

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@SeanAlimov Thanks for the info.

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Any exact numbers how much they lost avaible? Estimations?
What did they spend it on? Corruption or just failed projects?

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As far as I know EmurgoHK has always been a different entity and did not receive funding.


Thats good :smiley:
Thank you

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They received private funding from an anonymous Japanese investor, so those numbers won’t be available to us.

Their main focus was the “accelerator program.” Since there’s one in NY, we really haven’t lost anything as a community.

It’s best to forget about them and move on.


This came up during the summer months of this year and there was community concern. I know the community is going to say ‘oh it is different, two separate entities’, but new people researching Emurgo will believe they are related. The Cardano community is also doing the ‘brand protection’ on the difference between Emurgo and EmurgoHK, when it should be Emurgo doing this.

EmurgoHK turned over rights and access to Emurgo (https://medium.com/@EmurgoHKAdmin/emurgo-hk-is-restructuring-15b8145c099b)

we have not heard from Emurgo on this, i dont think at all, which is weird … and I have said this will continually be brought up.