What is going on with Emurgo HK?

I saw an interesting video with questions on EmurgoHK by Rickmcracken today. I have moved along from guardians as it ended in a division between the members in the group and a stressful event as Rick puts it in his video so I hope the torch can be carried onward by others. I still care deeply for the well being of the Cardano ecosystem so I tought I would write a post as well.

There are some worriesome information out there in the great interwebz including here on this forum

Rick makes a good summary of questions in the following video:

I find it worriesome there has been no offical statements or update from EmurgoHK for quite a while now and last I have seen myself was from 17 july with the statement from Ryan King on the telegram group of EmurgoHK:
"Ryan King :lion: 王明瑞, [17.07.19 12:17]
Apologies for the lack of communication recently.

You’re right that you haven’t heard much from EmurgoHK lately. This is because Headquarters temporarily requires that employees (myself included) not engage on social media until they decide on some official messaging. I’m not sure exactly when that will be, but I do hope it will be soon.

Personally, I’m frustrated with this since I value keeping our community engaged and informed, and I regret that the current situation means I’m unable to make posts or answer questions.

Unfortunately, I’m not personally able to comment on these company decisions, but you may direct questions to the official decision-makers at Emurgo Japan.

Thank you."


With this said this is not fud from me. Emurgo.io is doing amazing job with Yoroi and the updates and activity from Emurgo has been nothing but outstanding. I also am really happy and excited with the improvements in Cardano Foundation and IOHK has done some outstanding research work and it is now up to the practical implementation that I am sure will get there sooner than later (a good quote by Charles is we humans tend to overestimate short term and underestimate long term and I think that rings true for Cardano implementation of Shelley and the road onwards to Gougen). I myself am still fully invested and commited to the ecosystem and have proposed several ideas (for example this and this) and would like to be part of the future of Cardano so I wish the ecosystem only well!


For those who are reading this and not aware,

EMURGO and EMURGO HK are totally separate entities. EMURGO HK has never contributed any code or any work to any of our engineering projects and we have never contributed to any of their engineering projects.


But there were close links between them. Darren Camas talking about “our Hong Kong office” and Ryan King as “Our Accelerator Director”: (from about 31:00) https://www.facebook.com/emurgo.io/videos/1647995358580551/

(Also more links on the Emurgo HK TG group, which is where I saw this, thanks to Chris)

EMURGO’s accelerator program called dlab is in New York and done in partnership with SOSV. Ryan was in charge of an accelerator program for EMURGO HK which shared no personnel, no partners, no advisors and no projects with our program in New York.

Also one thing to be clear for those wondering why the forum thread on IronX talks about company IronFX - ironx exchange is part of IronFX group so parent company.

(from ironx.com)

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Think this through Sebastien.

How do you explain that Ryan has an emurgio.io email?

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Good follow up Eystein by adding the comment from Ryan King. Thanks for posting.

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