What’s going on with Cardano?

By our fellow member @Undersearcher, well worth a read even if you think you already know…


It’s tough to remain positive with all of this but I know all will be good.


nothing to be worried about for sure! CF does not matter at all. the only important things are: development and adoption.

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It’s just unfortunate for IOHK and Emurgo. There’s already fake news out there regarding the Cardano project and others like coindesk not giving this project any credit for anything.

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Those stories are for people who will be led by fake info. They do not have a basis to judge, so their influence is minimal anyway. Big decisions arent based on FUD


Yeah I understand this 100% as you can draw a parallel with the likes of CNN, MSNBC manipulating people on a daily basis with their fake news so why couldn’t this happen in the crypto world as well?

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Thanks for posting this, it pulls everything together nicely.

It’s very disappointing and I think the absence of any comment from the CF speaks volumes, it would’ve been good to hear their account though.

Going by their history, it’s unlikely that they have any intention delivering on their promises made in the early days, so this leaves one question in my mind… what’s going to happen to the ADA that’s meant to be used for driving the adoption of Cardano, growing the community and developing partnerships?

I understand that the project has enough funding to cover these activities but this isn’t right, these funds should still be used for their original purpose. Surely IOHK and Emurgo’s funds should be reserved for their own parts of the project?

I understand that the Guardians are working on ‘additional information’ and need some time putting it together so hopefully the issue of the funds will be covered along with requesting CF to share the address of where the ADA are currently stored.

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Sorry to disappoint but people shouldn’t get their hopes up re CF’s ADA. They’ve been asked so often, and have said they would share this but haven’t, and now seem to have closed all the doors and windows…


I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see more twists and turns to this story, things like this rarely lie down and go away

I think that Cardano is on a good way. The trouble might hurt today but is is a catharsis and Cardano will be stronger once it’s over. Michael Parsons will have to explain to the Swiss authorities how he run the foundation and I’m quite sure they will “step back” him from “leading” CF. CF’s ADAs might be not available for the community now but I don’t think that they are lost. They belong to CF, not to Parsons. And, maybe the most important of it all, the actions of the Guardians will be seen by former generations ( :wink: ) as the first time the community changed from consuming what the three entities provided to them to self-determined action. This trouble is not at all bad for Cardano!


This story has got the potential to blow up in spectacular fashion. Unfortunately for the Foundation, it has a great plot and is far too interesting to lie down.

The glaring absence of Mr Parsons or the Foundation is only adding to the intrigue. In addition, it’s beginning to pick up momentum on social media which I don’t think is a bad thing, in fact I think it’s good, it’ll highlight the project and many more people will see what incredible work is being performed and the direction it’s heading.

So you could argue that the Foundation is generating attention after all! :clap:t2:


LOL! they say there is no such thing as bad publicity!

Exactly! :grinning:

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