What is actually Cardano Foundation doing?

I know that there have been some problems between Cardano Foundation and the rest of the community and Cardano entities. I read about the Parsons case etc. but as fat as I see, this has been already resolved.

So I am curious, what is actually Cardano Foundation doing at the moment? I am reading tons of exciting news from IOHK (from development perspective) and Emurgo (projects/adoption/hype) but I haven’t read a single thing that would raise my attention from CF. It almost seems that Emurgo is doing its job and CF is just a dead weight. Or am I missing some important news?


There is a “new Board”, which is working to stabilize & recover the Foundation so it may become an efficient organization again (https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/cardano-foundation-statement-14th-december-2018) and implement controls so such a governance issue we had with Parsons may never happen again.

There might be however long lasting legal & compliance issues to be solved first, then recruiting a new, competent Board as second. The current Board is only temporary (not even officially registered it seems https://www.zefix.ch/de/search/entity/list/firm/1276832)

The problem is not that there is a lack of observable results (most things anyway would happen in the background at this stage) in such a short time frame, it´s there is NO communication, interaction & consultation with the Community.

Parsons resigned on the 13th of November, 2018. Now its the 21st of January, 2019. CF is a non-profit organization, managing the resources of the ICO Participants along the below goals and being accountable to the Community.


The lack of communication is in direct opposition to one of the pillars of this entire project: transparency.

We need someone HERE on the forum, talking to us like a real person. That person reads what’s going on here. Every single post. Then they respond to our questions. Every single question. ASAP. Sounds reasonable, considering the foundations mission.

Let’s start with these:

  1. How much is set aside for funding?

  2. When will funding start?


Sent exactly 2 months ago to Mr. Pascal Schmid after he promised an interview to the Guardians.

Nothing since…

Really think there can´t be a reasonable excuse for not taking the effort to show up for to the Community, who supposed to be your stakeholders you have to inform time by time.

Interview Questions Mr Pascal Schmid - 20112018.pdf (446.0 KB)

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It almost seems that nothing really changed after the new board of CF… the foundation, in my eyes is not fulfilling its purpose.

It may be that governance is getting too convoluted and spinning in it’s own circle.