Do Holacracy and Sociocracy work in the real word?

I am trying to understand more about governance, so when I researched different kinds of governance I often came across Holacracy and Sociocracy. The thing is that I didn’t understand everything but I understand the bigger picture.

The problem is that I mostly see preachers and slides. Researching real world use cases didn’t give me satisfying results. Holacracy is rather a new idea but the idea of Sociocracy dates a few decades back, shouldn’t we see many modern companies working in a Sociocracy framework?

Here are my 2 questions:

  1. Do you think that Holacracy/Sociocracy is just some corporate bs talk?
  2. If not, do you think that this could work as a governance model on Cardano?

Thank you

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The concepts are interesting but fairly recent, not strictly defined and I still haven’t tried them. We should invite someone who did to tell us their strenghts and weaknesses :slight_smile: This webdev agency did and shared some info at the last Drupal conference:

I don’t think they are corporate bs talk in general but it depends on who’s talking :sweat_smile:
They could be good inspiration for guidelines, that must be translated & applied to the specific context though. We should aim at transparency, participation, responsibility of the individual imho.