Do I need to add a token to my Yoroi Wallet to get my airdrop?

If I do need to add token, how do I do so? Am new to crypto, and very new to Cardono. Would appreciate help. Have been waiting for my Ravendex token airdrop on Yoroi wallet.


Yoroi supports the assets build on cardano (native)
U don’t need to do anything, just to provide an address from yoroi… you will see the assets on yoroi under assets tab or on if u paste the address which has the assets


Thank you, for the info. When I sent the Ada from my wallet. I had followed the instructions from the Ravendex page in October or November. It just siad send to an address 14a3455f71c435a04ea1fdb50a3ef4c1cab0e79fb1565627ac66a575
Which I did.
In all my other wallets of different cryptocurrencies I couldn’t see my cions or tokens intill I added addresses. So with yoroi wallet is there no need to add address?0


Is my Trans action Id

I’ve never used others, but don’t they all use BIP-32/BIP-39 wallets nowadays? The thing were you have a mnemonic seed phrase of 12, 15 or 24 words and all the addresses are derived from that.

Anyway, all Cardano wallets work with these seed phrases and the apps derive addresses automatically from them and generate new ones if they need them.

My Wallets
Trust wallet
Meta mask
They all function by adding.
My Yoroi doesn’t function the same and there doesn’t seem to be any helpful youtube videos on it

You have no tokens/assets on this wallet

Correct I just have 1 Ada on this wallet and have no idea where my Ravendex airdrop tokens are

Really trying to get what you are asking.

You setup these other wallets also with a passphrase. That’s the same.

But they can manage a lot of different coins and networks. So you first have to choose.

Yoroi just manages the Cardano network. (You can choose another one, when creating, but I’ve never seen someone use that.)

So, it knows that it wants to manage ADA and other tokens on the Cardano network.

You don’t have to set anything up. If someone sends you ADA or other Cardano tokens, they show up in Yoroi.

I can get into my wallet. Do not need to use seed prase. At least I do not think. The Yoroi Wallet is just strange to me as in how do you add a token?

Don’t know, how they promised that the Ravendex airdrop should work.
Right now, they just say that you should join the Telegram channel to learn about the airdrop.

I’ve only heard about Ravendex because of a lengthy discussion if we should call it a scam or not:

I really don’t get what you mean. If you buy a token, get one airdropped or mint it yourself, they just show up. If there are none, you don’t see any.

I have one that I minted and one that I bought. And I can see them in an “Assets” tab in Yoroi (but I think that tab only appeared after I sent the first token to the wallet).

Thank you. Then was probably scared. That socks. But thank you for taking the time to help. Was the first airdrop participated in on Cardono.

So this Yoroi Wallet just excepts cions and tokens which show up without having to add the address? That is pretty cool

Yep, they all just show the assets that were sent to an address of that wallet.

I actually use more, these days. They also show the picture of the NFT and some nerdy details like its metadata.

I don’t know if that is a strange concept to you from these other wallets you are used to, but all of these apps access exactly the same wallet on the blockchain. In my case, the access to that wallet on the blockchain is a hardware wallet. But it also works with giving the same seed words to all of them, if you trust them enough to give the app the seed. They really should only use it locally on your computer and most people here trust at least Yoroi,, and

With your transaction ID, we can see the transaction on the chain:

You transferred 28 ADA to this Ravendex-associated address on 2021-10-21, three months ago. Through clicking a bit through the transactions, a few minutes later you emptied the account by sending the last 3.6 ADA to some account that was only used for a few minutes, has sent 23 ADA to Ravendex and then also your 3.6 ADA and is empty and unused since then.

On 2021-11-12, you transferred 1 ADA from an exchange to that wallet and nothing happened since then.

If I look at that Ravendex address and some of the addresses that have sent Ada to it:

I see quite a few of them getting RAVEs in return:

Is it possible that they had a minimal amount that had to be sent to get the airdrop in return?