Do I need to remove db and socket file/folder after using testnet?

Hi buddies,

I have a question that is after using testnet and before launch nodes in mainnet do I need to remove db and socket file/folder or I just only need to change the config file??

Thank you a lot!

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Only the files for maynnet

You can find them here


Sorry bud, I cant get it. When I run the command:

 cardano-node run \
   --topology path/to/testnet-topology.json \
   --database-path path/to/db \
   --socket-path path/to/db/node.socket \
   --host-addr x.x.x.x \
   --port 3001 \
   --config path/to/tesnet-config.json

It create db and socket folder/file and now when I switch to mainnet do I need to remove them?

You can just switch out to the mainnet in your run command. Pull the mainnet config files down , shutdown the cardano-node, re-run with mainnet configs with your command.

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thank you a lot @ToTheMoonADA

You’re very welcome. Welcome to the community and look forward to hearing your story.