Do you want to help students stay enrolled?

Hello Cardano Community,
On behalf of our SociaLab team, we would like to thank you for your comments, Kudos, engagement and opportunity to join you.

We are excited for our project idea and hope we can make it with your help to become student ready. We know there are so many great options to scale, here, a refresh on ours in case you missed it:

The Problem
Only 55% will graduate college. Dropouts place a burden on the government that costs nearly 40B USD to society every year in the US alone.

Our proposed SOLUTION
We will provide an AI mentoring as an on demand service, and deliver real-life pathway solutions to reduce dropout rates across countries.

Here our website:

We are excited to be part of the Atala PRISM Pioneer Program! the link will provide a vehicle for mass use of Atala PRISM as we plan to DID students while we help them find their purpose! Thanks, Tony Rose for the guidance!

We are looking for a developer to help us connect verified credentials into an AI mentor algorithm. Please read the proposal and contact me if you see a **fit in skills and passion for the mission!**

Our mission is to enable youth in their journey to achieve their greatest potential through education and mentorship. Our promise is to guide students as they seek to pursue a career that will allow them to showcase their talents. This is to be accomplished by developing Emma, a digital mentor chatbot that aspires to change the narrative of career advice, an on-demand mentorship tool for students, improving their employability scope and helping the economy move upward while being inclusive in the truest sense.

Emma is currently in the development stages for an MVP, we like to think more of it as a true MLP, a Minimum Lovable Product, built as a conversational chatbot using the NLU engine. Our bot will use the popular RIASEC scale to gauge students’ interest and build a digital persona developed by American psychologist John L. Holland and will eventually recommend different career paths and options. The same scale/data is used by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.


Success in 3 months
Connect a verification credentials system, into our AI mentor algorithm using Atala PRISM.

Success in 12 months. (not included in fund7)
The full promise of guiding a student through an AI mentoring service on-demand in their career selection and recording & validating all the credentials.

Want to see more? Please refer to our original idea proposal. And btw, we are hiring a developer! Contact us. Thank you all

The SociaLab Team