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are the images on dockerhub up to date? some of them, like cardano/node-release are pushed a year ago :confused:

i want to run a node on my syno NAS but want to use a final image.



Also interested.


Nothing official yet, but @zmeel has done a nice write up how he did it, HOW TO: Building cardano-sl in a Docker container on Synology DS415+.


thx for the answers.

@Chainomatic i read the how to, but i will not build the sources :confused:
want i finished image without any manuel tasks, im a little bit lazy :slight_smile:

Maybe with the start of the reward era.



DockerFiles provided by Emurgo Vietnam are available.


Thanks a lot for sharing! :star_struck:


I think I managed to build a node on my NAS, but not entirely sure as it is not my area. Can anyone with a better grasp at it than me confirm? My Synology is noisy, hope it won’t crash…


@nncc1006 Thanks for the Link!!!

@CosmosX Looks good :slight_smile:

I will now connect Daedalus to my node in the container. Is this possible?



deleting post,

Edit: MY DS 214+ specs are just too low end to support this.


@Siddharth thats correct :frowning:

I updated my nas to a 716+II to get docker support and that was the smaltest models


Running the same NAS here. Did you manage to link your node to your wallet, and if so, how?


I could connect Daedalus to my Node on the nas. But i have problems to restore my existing wallet.
Always get the message that the wallt already exists. But that is no true.

When i get it to work, i will post a step by step instruction.




here are the Steps to connect your Client (Daedalus) to the node (wallet backend) on your NAS.

  1. shut down the node. After the shutdown remove the content (one number) from the file mounted dir\wallet-db\open.lock (this will block the restart of the node)

  2. By default daedalus only trust tls connections from the “C:\Program Files\Daedalus\tls\ca\ca.crt”. Copy the “C:\Program Files\Daedalus\tls\server\server.crt” and “C:\Program Files\Daedalus\tls\server\server.key” into your mounted dir\tls\ (replace the old certificate und key) The server.crt must be renamed to server.cert.

  3. You can now start your container again and check if the node is running correct by query the synprogress over your browser https://ADDRESS:IP/api/settings/sync/progress (if you have problems because of the tls certifcate, install the “C:\Program Files\Daedalus\tls\ca\ca.crt” into you lokal certificate storage as trusted root certificate)

  4. On your Client (win10) start a powershell as admin and enter the following command to create a port forwarding from localhost:8090 (default node for daedalus).

Command to create the forwading:
netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=8090 listenaddress= connectport=NAS_PORT connectaddress=NAS_ADDRESS

Command to remove the forwarding:
netsh interface portproxy reset

  1. Start ONLY Daedalus (“C:\Program Files\Daedalus\Daedalus.exe”) not the “C:\Program Files\Daedalus\daedalus.bat”, because the .bat will also start the local node, what you do not want :wink:

  2. OPTIONAL: When you have a local version of the blockchain on your client, you could delete it.
    C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus\db (my local appdata dir is now only 1MB big :slight_smile:

My Node runs 24/7 and the Wallet is Open in under 5 seconds :slight_smile:

Hope the steps help you.


Docker Image for wallet node (version 1.1.0)

Wow thanks a lot mate! I am going to translate those paths to Mac and that should do it. Thanks again


I used to hack the old “slug” devices to run stuff on them…

Serious question though - WHY?

Why are you doing this?


I am learning Docker these days so there is no other reason really