Documentation for EKG/Prometheus output

I was searchilng and could not find documentation that explains what each item means in the EKG metrics output.

rts_gc_par_tot_bytes_copied 12464153000
rts_gc_num_gcs 823
rts_gc_max_bytes_slop 75397296
cardano_node_metrics_density_real 5.032501572656741e-2
cardano_node_metrics_blockfetchclient_lateblocks 1
rts_gc_num_bytes_usage_samples 18
cardano_node_metrics_Forge_node_not_leader_int 1391

Looks like there are some new metrics with 1.31.0. I understand about half of the items. I tried searching the forum here but could not find a reference to some kind of guide or glossary Does anyone know where I can find one?

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I had posted the question also at Cardano Stack Exchange. Got a very detailed answer cardano node - EKG metrics interpretation and documentation - Cardano Stack Exchange