Does IOHK endorse this as a hiring practice?

just wanted to ask the same question :smile:
edit: OK, I’m from europe…

Because you are looking for the best female candidate vs the best candidate using this hiring process. I’m sure there are a very talented women haskell devs out there. But shouldn’t they be hiring the best candidate for the job? Be it male or female.

The tone implies they are biased towards a female developer instead of the best developer.

SWJ is an acronym for Social Justice Warriors :wink:.

Process over people is supposed to be IOHK philosophy I would be disappointed to hear otherwise.

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Well clearly you’ve never lived in France mate… Just because some people are not from the US or the UK doesn’t mean they are not able to understand fully the extent of social justice and that they don’t have their equivalent of SJW. Sorry but this is a ridiculous statement.
I won’t reply to anymore of your comments because you have a history of never stopping. I bid you a good day

To the extend of what is going on in the US, what is going on in France is minuscule.

I can make a small little list of some examples, something people in France would find crazy but a large amount of people in the US does not.

Of course. So minuscule that’s why there have been SJW in the current government and also the previous, so a decade. Minuscule… You don’t know what you’re talking about. THe previous government even partially succeeded in completely changing the french language, its spelling and its conjugation for your information, all for the sake of SJW.
But that’s way off topic so I’m going to stop right here. :slight_smile:

When France starts giving Black people higher scores on their exams and lower scores to Asians for the same exam…
Get back to me…

When France starts scrapping biology and accepting gender as human construct and something you choose…
Get back to me…

When France starts promoting the idea that fat is beautiful and healthy…
Get back to me…

When French universities allow students to shut down speakers with violence they dont politically agree…
Get back to me…

When French universities implements a policy against “micro-aggression” basically banning you from saying anything that could hurt someones feelings, even if what you are saying is a objective fact.
Get back to me…

When the public in France are open the the idea that if you dont want to date a transgender women (a man) that you are a discriminating biggot…
Get back to me.

This is just a small list… I have never been in France, but many other places in Europe and lived there for decades… and all of this would be completely unheard of…


Do you actually want me to list here all the positive discrimination that has been occurring over there on this topic just to prove you a point? I have better things to do. This is getting ridiculous.
Sorry, again you don’t know when to stop.

I am making the point that we do not see this level of ridiculousness in Europe.

You failed to see it’s not about “prioritizing” or whatever, it’s about encouraging women to apply, this is it. But you people need a drama.


No its not… She added in, if you are NOT a man… Thats when you know… SJW confirmed (of course her twitter gives it way also)… There is a war on straight white men in the US, among many other things… if you are not from here, I understand you wouldn’t know… Its you that fail to see the much deeper complications.


I don’t know for other parts of Europe, but as a frenchman I can tell you that it absolutely exists in my country. I don’t know where you find the energy to keep telling me what has been going on in my own country… This is beyond ridiculous, and you should stop polluting this topic.

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It doesn’t matter, banning cardano investors from your twitter account because they objectively and respectfully reply is bad PR…


So I guess we have SJWs all around

Again, you’re making a scandal out of nothing but it’s up to you.
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I didnt get the idea with your video… Refer me to timestamp if you want to show something…

Philip Wadler states: "We are hiring 6 program languages engineers for the Plutus team, there is a long URL here at the bottom, as I said, I will post this on my website so you can find it there, but hmm the easiest thing is to enter your favorite search engine pipe and enter IOHK is hiring 6 programming languages engineers so please apply. If you are good, please apply. If you think you are not good please apply anyway because you are probably good, if you think your not good you are probably not male and we want you to apply.

Notice how the tone of that statement is neutral and balanced, directed at all genders, followed by an observation that seemingly less women would apply because they are more insecure about if they in fact are good enough to apply.

If Darryl would have used this statement and not ban investors from her twitter account for respectfully replying, there would be no thread on this forum about it.

You may not seem to think that banning investors for unjust reasons is not scandalous, but myself and others beg to differ.

Which is why there is a forum thread about it. I’m not trying to blow this whole thing out of proportion. I’m sure Darryl meant well with her tweet, the banning is a bridge to far for me to be honest.

Would have stayed out of this thread if it was only the tweet. Anyway I’m calling it a day on this discussion. I agree with you that it’s becoming a little tiresome :slight_smile:.


@Bullish I agree with everything you mentioned, apart from that she meant well, she is completely aware of what she did. Clear bias towards Women and Transgender, and a poke at straight men, since in her mind she believes Straight Men have a privilege by the sole fact of being a Straight-Man alone.

It was very deliberate, in that she choose to add in “NOT man” that takes away any kind of doubt, and reading her other twitter post just confirms it… Its done subtle but there are lots of people out there that will see right through this…

And this is how we smell-test this… You reverse the situation…

hey functional programming nerds. IOHK is hiring six functional languuage implementor positons. You should apply!

This goes double if you are NOT a women. Men and people without gender confusion are strongly encouraged to apply!

How would this fly?


Your right, it was deliberate. People need to think before posting on blue bird. Their tshilps have consequences.

We are allready experiencing some backlash of 4chan’s /b/, as @block-t pointed out. Here’s to hoping that they realise we have nothing to do with this as a forum. Their quarrel should be with Darryl.

Hahaha… Now we will be known as SJW coin by 4chan… They are on it… - It will pass with time, but yeh this has to be a one-off event, this is something we dont want to get wrapt up in the long run…

Of course the thread-creator failed to understand that it wasnt double salary lol.

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