Does IOHK endorse this as a hiring practice?

Just curious. I think Cardano has a lot of potential, but this seems unproductive considering you’re probably talking about a very small and specialized candidate pool as it is.

There is no way any one from IOHK should reply to your post or this twitter post. Of course IOHK does not endorse it.

Twitter has over 328 million users and any one of them could have made this post. IOHK should not be wasting their time or effort on trying to endorse or not endorse the lunacy of every comment of the 328 million people on twitter.

Besides you, or someone, scratched out the the name of the posting entity. Do the world a favor and go find the name of the person who posted that comment on Twitter and ask them if IOHK endorsed their comment. This is just FUD.

Edit: Wow, apparently I stand corrected. Maybe this post is from a legit IOHK employee.


Totally not endorsed by IOHK or anyone affiliated with them, am I right?

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Oh SNAP!!! @LOLEE and @dbaker110 looks like that person really said that obviously and has (had) IOHK on their Twitter account. Ok I was wrong. Looks like the person scrubbed any reference to IOHK from their twitter feed as I just checked @psygnisfive for Darryl McAdams.

Yeah IOHK needs to answer if they endorse this comment as a hiring practice if this is one of their people.

Now I will tell you what else is screwed up. @dbaker110 joined 4 hours ago and made this original post 4 hours ago. So the guy joined this forum or created a new account just so he could post legit bad press where an actual IOHK employee said something on twitter.

And @LOLEE created an account 37 minutes ago so they could post a follow up comment to my reply exactly 37 minute ago as of this writing. So both accounts are trolls coming in here to post bad publicity using real information. OK I get it. Lesson learned for everyone on the forum, especially me. But alas, apparently the tweet was legit.

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I posted this knowing full well who the tweet was from. I covered the name because I wasn’t interested in bringing any heat good bad or otherwise to this person in particular, I would just like to know if this is typical of IOHK’s hiring practices as someone who owns some ADA and has an interest in the protocol’s development.

I appreciate you putting in your two cents though, rickymac.

We should bring this out, and point out exactly who this came from, I thank the poster for doing this. This must be reposted to reddit if anyone hasn’t done so.

She is obviously a SJW idiot, she/he (I have no idea) needs to keep her sickness and irrationality at home.

For anyone who wants to know what happens when SJWs takes over companies, try search American inventors on google.


Yes, these are not the type of things that should come out in the name of IOHK or Cardano. This is a great way of ensuring that the platform will get a very poor image in developing countries… Please keep things serious if you want to be taken seriously :frowning_face:

It seems so ‘far out’ that I’m kind of wondering if it’s not a hoax. Though I’m not on social media, so I have no way of controlling…


I don’t get it - whats wrong with encouraging women (or other gender) to apply for a work?


Nothing on the contrary, it is probably rather the form of the tweet, which doesn’t seem professional / official

I agree hopefully there is a more formal job offer as well.

This is not a professional approach, the twitter comment from Darryl McAdams is from a personal perspective pushing a personal narrative upon IOHK.

Trying to endorse your own SJW politics on behalf of a company is not professional. The job offering IOHK has put out on the other hand is and has a very nice neutral and objective tone.

You can see the job offer over here. , I really like the format, tone, and objective classifications for recruiting that are mentioned in it :slightly_smiling_face:.

Furthermore her/his replies on that tweet are definitely bad for business.

Please leave recruitment to the HR department! Below is not pretty, blocking people on twitter because they are replying objectively is not okay.

Have a feeling this sort of behaviour contradicts IOHK’s company policy. Maybe @io_jeremy, @IOHK_Laurie, @IOHK_Richard have some insight on this.


The reason I think you dont quite grasp the issue here is that you are not from the US, I myself coming from Europe would not have understood the madness and decay of humanity taking place in the US if I hadn’t been here for many years.

For a European you will just see… Oh they are just encouraging women to apply, whats wrong with that… But there is so much more to this, than that… We have to go down the deep rabbit hole of Identity politics, political correctness and the logic and double-standards of SJWs.

I would encourage you to google, American inventors.

and I want to ask you, if you see an issue with this, because it is somewhat related.

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Of course I don’t grasp the issue. No one here grasp the issue but you, you’ve made that perfectly clear over the last few weeks. :slight_smile:

Google American inventors - do you have anything to say about this… Because this will tell if you actually know what is going on underneath the surface.

Thread is about if IOHK endorses this as a hiring process, i can see this going off-topic rather quickly because SJW is a loaded discussion.

No thread hijacking please :slight_smile: we could use the chat for this discussion. Just saying…

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But it is completely related since the employee is obviously a SJW, she is a IOHK employee in a leadership position, so I assume she might also be hiring people or at least have a say… lastly this was not done in “private” she is bringing up IOHK, and then it parts from being a private matter to being a IOHK matter.

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Yes, it is somewhat related. You are right. I’m unsure if she is in charge of hiring people. That is a very interesting question! Looking at the job offer created by IOHK I’m thinking it was not written by her. There was no “bye, lol.” at the end :joy:

I agree. And I wouldn’t have anything against it if she would state in her tweet that she personally feels this should go double for women. Thus not implying this is somehow company policy on IOHK’s part.

Also, I don’t mind if a company is looking for talented women haskell programmers. The gender is irrelevant however, they need to pick the best man / women for the job.

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She might be, or maybe not… Perhaps she has a say or maybe in the future she will be in a higher position… There are many things to take into account… Her position is Team Plotus Manager as of now…

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Just that you know the word SJW, I know you are likely from US or UK… Outside of these two counties all of this nonsense doesn’t exist to the same degree… and unfortunately this is not just about different opinions, it is an inherent war against reality with serious real life consequences.

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I’m from Belgium, I have friends with master degrees in sociology, this is why I’m quite well informed on the SJW subject.

The bias shouldn’t be gender related. It should be about finding the best female or male developer.

I’m assuming that Darryl was hired for being a talented haskell developer, upholding the same standard as the person who hired her would be a good practice.

There is nothing wrong with stating that you would personally like to see more women on the team. It becomes a problem when the hiring process incorporates this personal perspective into the hiring methodology.

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