Does IOHK still use Daedalus Flight for pre-releases?

I wanted to get a Daedalus version with a newer cardano-node etc. as early as possible, so I found Daedalus Flight.

But when looking at the last releases, they were always at the exact same day as the regular mainnet releases of the same version, no “pre-”release there. Does anyone know if IOHK plans to resume using that stream for earlier releases, again?

Is there another (semi-)supported way to get early versions of Daedalus?
Or get just the frontend and connect it to a self-installed cardano-node and cardano-wallet?

And they are using it again.

After releasing at the same time as main for a lot of releases and not even releasing 4.7.0 in the Flight channel, they now have released a pre-release of 4.8.0 with cardano-node 1.33.0:

Will test that soon, but since it requires a whole new sync, …

EDIT: Sorry, I’m not that impressed. It still uses 31 GiB hard drive. It still takes 8 minutes to start (even directly after it has been closed). It still took nearly 23 hours for the first sync. Only the memory usage has gone down a bit, I think (using the “RTS flags” automatically on my machine).