Introducing Daedalus Flight; a new mainnet wallet testing program

Daedalus Flight is a new pre-release version of Daedalus wallet that connects to the Cardano mainnet.

Daedalus Flight is a real wallet. Transactions made with Daedalus flight are real ada transactions. However, Daedalus Flight was created to encouraging ada holders to help us test and give us their feedback on new wallet features before we deliver the final Daedalus release to every user. While we can test to a certain degree in the lab, the only real test comes with the deployment of the product to real users.

Daedalus Flight is safe to use because it is an entirely separate wallet installation that runs alongside the production version of the Daedalus wallet. And you can use both at the same time.

We recommend this Flight program for ada holders who are already familiar with Daedalus wallet. We also recommend that volunteers are confident with file management on their operating system - whether that is Windows Explorer on Windows, Finder on MacOS or one of many equivalents on Linux.

If you experience an issue with Daedalus Flight, you can just switch back to using your usual Daedalus wallet. No problem. But please do help us improve Daedalus Flight by logging a support ticket. We can then make sure we feed that into our ongoing improvement process.

We manage Daedalus development within two-week development cycles. At the end of every cycle, we will create a new Daedalus Flight release with new features.

We are always looking at how we can develop and improve Daedalus further. So please get involved and visit the official Daedalus website at
and click the ‘Flight’ tab to download the latest Flight candidate version.

Make sure you download Daedalus only from the official website. Please, be vigilant and do not download Daedalus Flight from anywhere else!

Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy Daedalus Flight!