Daedalus flight?

question about flight when you load it ,its file will overwrite your mainnet normal wallet??? or…? when on opening all your info is there right away like,balance,staking etc etc or i put in my seed and voila.flight is beta but when its flawless and with out bugs iohk will drop it on mainnet or i am wrong??? i like the thing that it runs smooth on 8 ram​:heart::smiley::wink:

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Can only speak of the Linux version, but I suppose Windows is similar:

It uses a whole separate storage, took 23 hours (for me) to sync the chain, also uses 30 GiB+ on the drive and the wallets have to be set up again (or imported from the other setup).

It uses less memory, though. (If it is “smooth” on 8 GiB, I cannot promise. It’s okayish on 16.)

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thanks cardano friend😃