Does the cardano community think EOS actually doesn't work?

I’m trying to compare EOS and cardano

From my understanding cardano project is older than eos but it is still centralized unlike EOS already mainnet

Hopefully cardano doesn’t turn out to be maidsafe


I’m sure EOS works pretty much as intended, I just don’t like their consensus and governance models.
There’s already evidence of cartels forming to keep themselves in power as block producers.

Cardano is taking a slower, but more careful and thought out approach.
I’d prefer that than if they rushed it out and then have it collapse because of some bug that could have otherwise been avoided.

As Charles has said, once Cardano catches up, they’ll be able to move faster because they have a solid foundation and won’t need to go back and fix things.


Yes, you are right!
Running to have a very sensitive assets on a weak system is not advisable yet ADA lost a lot vs other projects for taking more time!
It’s not good to go fast but too slow isn’t good neither.
I m more concerned about lost of credibility that occurs gradually in time!

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There are several known deficiencies in all the permission-less block chains that are live today. This demonstrates the fact that developing a truly decentralized, performant, generic, permission-less blockchain platform is really hard.

The papers in Cardano are not just white papers or yellow papers. These are scientific papers that provide mathematical proofs of properties that are being attributed to algorithms that will be used in specific building blocks of the platform.

Software is all about algorithms, if you don’t have them right then the software is merely a script in some language.

Evaluation is always required to determine how clean the software needs to be. Higher the stakes (pun not intended) higher is the need for clean and reliable software.


And BTW, EOS gets congested too

I think ADA lost the most value after January because it had the most hype. It went from under 3 cents to over $1 in less than 6 weeks, which is kind of insane. And it’s still more than double the price now than it was this time last year.

I wouldn’t worry about credibility being lost. After Shelley and Goguen are fully rolled out the platform will speak for itself.

Cardano for me is the best project by far, so in that sense has no doubt that!

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