Please Explain The Great Performance of EOS

EOS is performing well and is a darling of investors.Why?It is predicted to be a couple of hundred dollars each coin by 2025.Why is it performing way better than ADA?Has Cardano got potential like EOS?


not a one liner to explain and even hard without going in all the details of blockchain, gossip protocols, block times, distributed databases, networking, limitations of TCP and physics. (it’s always worth to look them up yourself)

So, to cut a long story short, you always have (many) trade-offs. And there is one trade-off spectrum that looks like this:

performance [_________________________________] decentralization

EOS is pretty much like this:
performance [X ________________________________] decentralization

performance [_________________ X _______________] decentralization


EOS never was and never will be better than Cardano!


As @adatainment pointed out there are tons of differences, I can talk for days yet I want to point out a very important detail

If somehow a government, university, serious projects wants to use blockchain, it will be always Cardano ( unless the people are idiots ) over EOS
Because Cardano is something built to substitute a whole financial system
EOS was created to make money! To use hype to cut it self a peace of the cake!

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No one knows it is a bubble until it pops. In the long run, the currencies and protocols that provide value to their users will be survive and hopefully actually stabilize in value. Many will be swept away. Tulips once looked like a great investment too:


:slight_smile: I read it a way long back. It was very entertaining especially the relation to the “intrinsic value”.:slight_smile: And, the ppl still believe in it (IV), very funny.

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Thanks for the Tulip mania link, I didn’t know that modern research mostly debunks the myth, showing what happened was actually on a limited scale and wasn’t really a bubble.

EOS has been known to largely inflate its volume by trading their own coins. Even though they claim otherwise. Also their claims about millions of TPS but you don’t know in which environment (probably their local machine)…I will never trust them.
It just doesn’t make sense that their average daily volume is the equivalent of that of XRP + Litecoin combined.

Also, a good read about wash trading with several links in the comments section that might be of interest to you.
"Most cryptocurrency exchanges are unregulated, so they are hugely incentivized to fake trading volumes because they can do so without risking any legal repercussions" - 95% of Crypto Volume Could Be Wash Trading"


Yup people still believe in intrinsic value. On one side you have Buffet who made fortune implementing
Graham and Dodd,'s work, on the other side you have African tulips and guy @_ilap declaring intrinsic value as funny on cardano forum. Two different schools :stuck_out_tongue: one may say

I can’t parse this. What exactly is your point?

I didn’t quite read it that way. It says there are some recent papers that try to say it wasn’t, but do we even know if they were open to either conclusion. Particularly since it is also declared that the data is poor for the time. The bits about the guy who over-hyped it seem likely. Just saying, I think you could still reach either conclusion, it is contentious to say the least.

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I’m not sure what are you talking about.

How many dapps has EOS got? How many Cardano got?

It’s not about the quantity, it’s the quality … As cardano enthusiast I know Shelley is not launched yet ( smartcontract ) … therefore no Dapps and still saying EOS sucks!

Smart Contracts are going to be released in the Goguen Era, not in Shelley’s.

First decentralization and stake pools, which is the next phase (Shelley)
then sidechains, accounting model, multi-currency ledger and smart contracts (Goguen).

Thanks! I know just wanted to be brief
But I think smartcontract would be available before some of the features that you mentioned!

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You’re right, he did say on IvanonTech that both eras will be released on mainnet around the end of 2019. Which features exactly, it remains to be seen :crossed_fingers:

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All talk no walk

Cardano, anyways is meant for other people and other purposes, I don’t think I would be able to explain myself right to you!
So, I m really happy for you with EOS, here we are Cardano!