Don't hold USDT - thoughts

I’m far from being any kind of crypto expert (as you might have noticed from my posts!) but I do keep an eye on the news and I’ve been of the strong opinion that holding USDT is a very bad idea for a couple of weeks now. The big question is what will happen to the space as a whole if/when that all blows up. It’s looking very scary.

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They have yet to prove a 1 to 1 mapping between the USDT they’ve issued and their actual USD holdings.

Until that has been established beyond a shadow of doubt, I would not hold any USDT.

If Tether goes belly up - and the signs are that it will- any and all previous cryptocurrency debacles combined will pale in comparison to the kind of crash the entire cryptocurrency market will experience. It probably should happen, a good purge is in order. People will probably go to jail, maybe even find themselves becoming major accident-prone…