Tanking like Tank Abbott!

Going down!!

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The party is just getting started my friend.

current price bro?.

.0289 @CMC

Feels just like early 2014 to me. My DCAing just tastes all the sweeter atm.

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Wish I was in it in 2014! That would’ve been sweet! I would’ve dumped at 1.15 and in some cases .88.

tnx bro. like the dip to buy more.

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Really hopig btc doesnt drop below 2k. Can see this being a seriously prolonged bear market if it does

I would love it if we see a 2-3 year bear market so that I can do some bigly style DCA accumulation before the next bubble. It just requires a hard fight against that herd mentality in the brain during that down market time. Exactly like 2014-H1 2016.

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Hardest part of a prolonged Bear for me is convincing my wife I’m not flushing money (fiat) down the toilet.

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Although it would be nice to accumulate Ada through staking without serious tax consequences.

What are “serious tax consequences”? Paying tax on your earnings?

If taxes are small enough I wouldn’t have to cash out my Ada and turn it into USD to pay them. Any time I have to give up Ada it’s serious.

Regarding my attitude towards taxes in general I’m not a fan mostly because I feel it isn’t used very well. I dislike prison more than taxes though so I’m 100% by the book with payment.

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I’m hoping for a 1k BTC

$500 for me!.

Wont happen. The price will be kept out of reach from your average person being able to afford 1btc.
I think something drastic, like tether falling apart,
would have to happen in order for it to go that low.
Im really hoping it doesnt fall that low. If it does there can potentially be years of sideways movement. It would be such a large drop from its all time high. The mid to upper 2k region looks logical compared with other bear markets.

BTC will reach low 2’s my modeling shows.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. This post is for information purposes only.

That would be ideal :crossed_fingers:t2:!

Out of interest have you done another model for ada? and what prices are you expecting if btc is too hit low 2k region

That’s advice…l don’t give advice. I only comment for entertainment purposes only. Im actually still watching and waiting to see how this little thing plays out. Looks like a pump and dump, trap. Waiting to hop back in. Made ten points could’ve stayed longer for the score but I don’t do that for the most part.

This little run is short lived. A good opportunity tho. Watched the video by Charles tonight. He reinforces the idea that this is a long term gig. He’s legit to me. Hoskinson over Larimer and Buterin on any day. He’s got his bases covered. One day I’ll buy and hold I imagine but this volatility is great! Don’t think there is much confidence in BTC and sooner or later this train is leaving that station. Dash surprisingly has caught my attention. They seem in it to win business. Lots of South American places starting to take interest and a few accepting…major retailer in the US and maybe a second. Who knows. It’d be nice to see Cardano with that use case.

This is not financial advice. Any person investing in crypto should seek the advice of a financial professional. Any person investing in crypto should understand that they can and likely will lose all their money and portfolio investing in the crypto markets. Any person should conduct thorough research before investing in any crypto. This post and any of my posts are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously in any instance and none of my posts should be construed to be financial advice of any type under any condition whatsoever.

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