Short Bull Or Long Run For Cardano 2019

What do you think?..Just asking what the community think that ada price might run for Q1. I need more to add in my foloi wish to go back 0.02 babe!.

The opposite of whatever I say will probably happen but I’ve been feeling pretty bullish lately. Some say we have one more dip left.

I’ve been watching this guy a lot I like his analysis. Good luck with whatever your decisions are!


I sold off everything. Waiting for a dip but at this rate I’ll have to hop in and almost break even. Dagnabit! I needed it to drop to .01 to execute order 66.

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i hope your right!.

Right about now it doesn’t look like it but I suspect things will dissipate after the new year. It’s strange…can’t see why the overall market is trending up so much. Makes no sense right now. :frowning:

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YEA!! This price action is breaking back down where it belongs! Gimme that low buy in window! C’mon baby down to .01 to execute Order 66!

price now?.

.40 (-16%)

need more down.

Need to see some hard breaks. I’m thinking bull trap was executed and the hard crash is in play. If so the donor pool won’t be able to keep up. RSI is in favor for the downtrend. Bull run made no sense to me.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. Any person investing in cryptocurrencies should do their own research or consult a financial professional. Persons investing in cryptocurrencies should anticipate that they can lose all of their portfolio or investment. This post and any of my posts are for entertainment purposes only.

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The price wont just crash to those pevels. Expect a bounce soon, probably in the 3600 region.

No I’m sorry that is incorrect according to every model I have. It’s not bouncing anywhere anytime soon. Walls are put in place but that’s not stopping bears from what I have seen. The latest green has turned to red and big exits everything the donor pool gets trapped when volume exceeds roughly 40 mil.

I can say that come Q1 close, the window is likely to close but even then, the inherent volatility of cryptos is one of the biggest issues.
I expect nothing less then a bloodletting for the coming weeks.

This is not financial advice. This post and any of my posts is for entertainment purposes only.

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It’s hard to pridect that add pump and dump style for short investor, institutions and exchanges.

Well there are always bounces to be played. I agree that the market is heading south and I am currently sitting in 10x short positions from 4k and 3820. However there are plenty of longing opportunites, just recent before todays dump we saw a small bounce from the 3680-3840 region, which is a nice opportunity. There is also the chance of a small bounce from the current level of 3600- 3550.
It wont simply bleed out to what you consider to be the bottom, btc never does.

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Bitcoin might down for 1k if things will continue other market is going deep down the hole i think bear market will last to 5-6 months.

Sorry to tell u but most every model I have has btc breaking below 2500 and 1/3 of my models have btc under 2k. Notwithstanding a number of significant events not accounted for (regulation, Shelley full decentralization, Coinbase addition), Ada being tied to btc will be affected in my view. A number of significant events will need to occur with btc and that’s not likely for a while (regulation, ETF). With that being said, btc below 2k seems to be in play, with a short bottom at 1500. We’ll see.

This post is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. This post and all of my posts are for entertainment purposes only. Any person investing in crypto should conduct research and discuss their investment strategy with a financial professional as they will likely lose their entire portfolio and investments in crypto.

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i have time to load @Michael94588 if that will occur what you say in your model…and i think if these prices bull there will be no comeback for market low level for years.

Not for years. BTC has issues and got some crazy reason we’re tied to it like everyone else. Need yo break away from this and be judged on own merits.

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I judge in my own investment and watch the market carefully…when to buy and sell…thanks bud for care.

Clearly you didnt read my comment correctly. I said that I agreed that the market is going down and simply made the point that it will not flush down those low regions without there being other moves. Markets do not work in that way.

Anywhere in the 1300-2500 region is fair game atm.