Free Fallin'!

Anybody else hoping this is the last gasp before the Bulls come out to play?

Am I crazy for wanting to buy once we hit the floor?


I would have bought already but its taking forever to move some btc to Bittrex.

i think it is ! i guess im crazy too cause im definitely going to buy :slight_smile: Price dropping is music to my ears, allows be to buy more Ada for less money. In 1 or 2 years if this ship is still grounded, then i might reconsider.

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Wondering if this is a flash crash situation or BTC is headed down to $3K…

Don’t see any reason for 3k.

And how do you know once the floor is reached ?

You don’t… Calling the bottom for stocks or crypto during a bear market is a fool’s errand.

This bear market is actually good for Cardano. There is lots of work to be done and critical milestones to hit over the next 6 months to a year.


I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I bought some more ADA after the news of Michael Parsons resigning. Directly after that the markets began to drop. Next time I will announce it before so you’ll have time to market-sale everything before I buy.


i did the same haha! guess we get another discount to jinx

Xmas came early this year. These prices put a grin on my face. 6 months from now we will all be looking at this period with fondness, saying: “remember that one time when ADA was 5.5c?”


Im thinking we’ll bottom out in around 6 months at a 3.5k bitcoin. so hopefully a 0.03 ada

Cookiemonster get xmas cookies


Donneybaseball +1. I love Tom Petty :sunglasses:


bad day for ADA … for US! I still buy, but we fall much more than others. Stellar, XRP … fight, we don’t :-((

Dollar cost averaging my way to .0001 cents!

Sometimes cookiemonster must reach deep down in cookiejar and it could even be empty no cookies anymore sniff. December usually many cookies baked and jar becomes full again.


As 2018 is ending soon, we will perhaps see a major downdraft in the crypto markets until end of December due to tax loss selling. Just guessing…

I don’t think that there are many people with crypto profits in 2018 so what should tax loss selling be good for? And if they buy back, they will probably have even higher gains and taxes in 2019, 2020, or …
Just guessing too…

Net capital gains are net capital gains whether they come from traditional stocks, crypto, etc. Regardless, if you were solely a crypto investor and sold some in January 2018 (likely major profits$$, especially if you bought anytime between 2014-2017) and traded throughout 2018, you would incur tax liabilities.

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Ah, ok, then it’s all about different ways to create tax bills in different countries. In Germany you cannot offset stock gains with crypto losses. You have to pay taxes for the stock gains and you are allowed to move your crypto losses into the next year to (maybe) offset them with future crypto gains. Nice little trick…
But on the other hand we are (still) fortunate to have a one year taxation period for crypto. If you hold your crypto longer than one year, it’s tax free. Was the same with stocks, but that’s gone. And I’m sure the same will happen for crypto.