Dr. Daniel Leu becomes administrator of the Cardano Foundation


With the recent successful establishment of the Cardano Foundation’s new Executive Team and the addition of Frederik Gregaard and Eva Oberholzer, the role of the Foundation’s Council is now shifting from its original operational capacity to a more strategic leadership and supervisory function. This change in responsibility, and the considerably reduced influence on business operations, has resulted in a new scope and internal governance system for the future Foundation Council.

The Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority ESA has appointed Dr. Daniel Leu to provide the Foundation with expert guidance on the future governance of Cardano Foundation’s Council. Dr. Leu is a partner at the leading Swiss law firm Bär & Karrer and will start his role with immediate effect. The addition relates to the Council’s internal governing role only.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, says:

“The technology that is currently being developed in Cardano has the potential to change the world. The Cardano Foundation leadership team is fulfilling the purpose of the Foundation by focussing on facilitating and empowering our employees and our current and future contributors to the protocol. I support the appointment of Daniel Leu as a step to strengthen the Foundation’s governance and therefore guide its future direction towards a strong and expanded strategic leadership and supervisory body. As for us as a team and organization, we build our mission around the values of transparency, predictability, and accountability.”


Doesn’t appear so by his linked in profile, he hasn’t got anything that links to cardano in any way.
Please confirm if this is correct?