Cardano Foundation extends the foundation council

Newly elected members of the Cardano Foundation Council are:

Nathan Kaiser, General Counsel of IOHK
Manmeet Singh, CIO of Emurgo
Domino Burki, Managing Partner of Du Lac Capital Ltd.


Great news! :tada:

I am a bit surprised to see IOHK and Emurgo employees join the Cardano Foundation board though. Doesn’t that introduce a conflict of interest? :man_shrugging:t2:

Let’s hope this situation get resolved as we want to focus more on Cardano development

If this would bring peace

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Great question!

It does, but it all depends on the final structure and voting mechanism of the board. Ideally, you’d want majority board members to be independent assuming a simple majority rules decision mechanism for a wide array of issues.


Charles has commented on this on Telegram:

Makes sense to be more involved for a bit after everything that happened. Good to monitor this from a community perspective too, although I have no reason to doubt any of the new members’ intentions. I’m actually very glad we’re seeing some positive movement here :v:t2:


glad you got this clarified. If he went on record saying this board isn’t permanent, I believe him. For the sake of expediency, it makes sense to have 3 people who know the ecosystem to make critical decisions to get CF up and running rather than wait for board members get up to speed.

Manmeet was such a good choice!

Europe is becoming the powerhouse of Blockchain technology and having strategic focus on this market in the Foundation is a very good direction.