Easiest Way To Buy Cardano in 2019 (Super Simple)

Hey guys, just wanted to share an easy method I’ve found to purchase ADA. If you know of a easier method, as of now, please let me know.

I just buy bitcoin via Binance using a debit card and buy ADA. Very very simple.

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It’s a bit pricey, 3.5% + some additional exchange rates if you do not have USD based card. The cheapest for me is buying some BTC from a local exchange, transfer to Binance, then trade that BTC to ADA there and move it into my wallet. The exchanges usually charge 0.05%-0.1% trading fee with 0$ deposit + transaction fees.

So, I bought some on the weekend (again) and it just cost ~$18 instead of $600 (Binance fee + Foreign exchange rates and international transaction fees).