Economy for small and independent businesses

Hi, I am working on a project that empowers small and local businesses to band together and compete with big corporations. This was my master’s graduation project, and I decided to implement it. I have three questions:
1- How do we manage identity on Cardano? For example, in Ethereum, most applications use Metamask which is an obstacle for the adoption growth. Is it similar to Cardano?
2- I have been researching Ethereum and Blockstack for a long time, and even though I am a long-term holder or ADA, I wasn’t planning on using Cardano for this project. The recent updates made me very interesting in building on Cardano. Do we have any resources that explain what makes Cardano unique and the capabilities of the different development tools to help me choose?
3- Is it really possible to find someone to join a team here? We have been working on this project for a while but would love to have someone with Cardano experience join us.

Thank you!

want to collaborate? If you want to chat about it here is our discord. Look for UnDaoDu :slight_smile: .