Edu.Clio.One Is Launched - Smart Contracts Lessons & More



A month ago I first met @bobert at the Plutus Festival in Edinburgh. Since we flew in from Canada and Italy for several days, beside exciting talks and meetings, I had enough time to hear about Robert’s ideas and programming knowledge. I offered him to combine that with what I could contribute to create an educative platform.
We both used the time over the turn of the year and now proudly present


Fantastic stuff thanks guys!


This is so great! :+1:
Well done for taking the initiative and creating this valuable resource for Cardano.
Looking forward to going through your content soon!


That is a very professional looking web site. I drilled down into the Plutus lesson “Writing your first smart contract”. This web site looks like it will become a very valuable resource. I am looking forward to more lessons popping up on here. Thanks Markus and Robert!


This is truly what community building should be all about. Provide necessary info and the tools to work (and play!) with.
Great to see these sort of projects gaining traction and the attention that they deserve. Bravo!


This work is very valuable.
Great looking site - Great user experience
Thanks @bobert and @werkof !


yes yes the mind is a terrible thing to waste


Thanks for the contribution @werkof and I really appreciate that.

I would really wish to know when the below will be implemented :wink:

  1. When will the smart contract mainnet be launched?
  2. Is Goguen the most crucial part for Cardano to be finally usable in terms of smart contract execution and dapp building?
  3. When is the timeline for Goguen to be launched?
  4. Without any running smart contracts/dapps, Shelley staking supposedly not generating much reward?

May i know is anyone generous enough to share the above information to me, sorry if i am not good in understanding or got confused with the relation between smart contract and dapp. A thousand thanks.


Immense thanks to both @werkof and @bobert for this!