Embed IPFS Pictures on your page using CutyMals Cardano API

Hello together,

it’s now possible to retrieve IPFS stored files via our Cardano API.
It’s free of charge, everyone is allowd to use it. It can be used to embedd it on web frontends like classical web pages or even on backend services like games.

We also plan to implement the possibility to enter a policy id and a assetname, and if the metadata uses the 721 standard, directly retrieve the image for the NFT/Token. If thats something you would like, let us know!

Here an example usage with shows one of our CutyMal:


Just replace QmTL6PY3sxcGwQz77SQbnx1YFnNtaPM2XzrpuX6Z2eRBHr with your IPFS and youre good to go!

Or use the social media compliant one


Note: We only retrieve bmp, gif, ico, jpeg, jpg, png, psd, tiff to reduce attack vectors.

We are happy to get your feedback, please let us know.

More information on how to use it see here.

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Update: Today was the /api/Ipfs/Share Endpoint added. This one allows you to embed IPFS images in social media standard open graph. We are planning to integrate NFT data into the IPFS.(if it’s a Cardano NFT)