Cardano NFT file types

Hello :slight_smile: !! I am hoping someone can help me out.

I am looking to create 3D rendered animated nfts. i was hoping and planning to use cardano as my nft drop platform.

What file types are accepted on the cardano marketplace? Can i use gltf files?

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The blockchain ledger itself is not a great place to store large amounts of data. Typically what people do is pin their images, animations, etc on a platform like IPFS, arweave, etc. Then use the hash link within the token meta data during minting.

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Is there any place where I can find how to correctly format the metadata for the files to be viewable on

Most people copy the Ethereum standard even so far as to include the 721 meta data label like so:

721: {
  policyIdHashGoesHere: {
    assetNameOrAssetNameHashGoesHere: {
      image: "ipfs://pinnedImageIPFShashGoesHere",
      name: "DisplayNameGoesHere",
      description: "DisplayExtraInformationHere",
      url: "",
      ... etc ...

However there is no Cardano standard that is enforced by the protocol so the only rules is the size limit and the very important guideline of not putting any PII data or anything offensive as it’s public and preserved in the ledger forever!

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