3d Models and NFTs

Hello, I am trying to get a bit of help to see if I’m on the right path, if not, someone could point me in the right direction.

I just recently was able to figure out how to mint nfts using jpegs and was curious if the concept for 3d models is the same? I know that they can’t be on chain due to their large size. I know they need to be GLB format in order for them to be script readable.

So, would it be possible to upload the 3dModel to a ipfs, use the link (as you would a jpeg) in the meta data for the NFT? If so, would more coding be needed for interaction, such as just turning the model?

If you can’t load the 3dModel in the same manner as a jpeg, would someone know of any documentation they could post that I could look into so that I may achieve this?

Thank you ahead of time

Hi exodusgear, I’ve been trying to figure out the same. It’s very little discussed online. Have you found any leads in the meanwhile? If so would you mind sharing?

I have seen NFT’s that have html and js embedded in the 721 meta data. Smart sites and apps will render that. Pool.pm will render these types.

Cardano Trees does this embed and a few others (can’t remember off the top of my head; which I’d bookmarked them now…). But, if you can embed the html and js, there’s no reason then the js couldn’t act as some kind of loader and load the ‘resource(s)’ in.

I think the trick here is to figure out the permanence of the resource(s). I’ve read even ipfs isn’t guaranteed ‘forever’, which is why I’ve seen the examples having everything embedded in the onchain data.

Seems doable tho and some people are. Pool.pm is a good resource to see these examples and then explore from there. Good luck.

I found this python script for Blender yesterday. The following video is the developer explaining how it works.

This is the GitHub for the script.

I’ve got it working with images, it will do animation and 3D models but I haven’t tried that yet. The video is good to get an understanding of how this script works but when you come to doing it for yourself follow the GitHub read me.

It meant to support ADA, Solana and Eth ERC 720 tokens, you can choose which one, I think.