How to do onchain NFTs?


I have seen them pop up in this ecosystem and I am taking a big interest on how it is done. Does anyone know? Dynamic ones, like The Refresh. Known to be ‘onchain’ :slight_smile:

Here is an ex, every time you refresh, you see a new picture/art:



Mind blowing. :slight_smile:

Looks like they have a webpage with javascript embedded in the metadata.


I also love cardano on chain NFTs. Turbo Eagon started the stellar hood NFTs. very cool.
Here is his twitter there is a link to his discord. He is very helpful:
He told me about the process which he allowed me to share:

His description to me in a discord chat:

  1. So for the beginning here the short description:
    The on-chain NFT is acutally a html page with javascript+css+canvas which is base64 encoded to a datauri which is used instead of the usual ipfs link in the minting metadata

It can be everything, a html page, a svg immage, even a jpeg or png immage, video etc. BUT the only limitation is that you have only 16kb space for that

I have already seen a 3d model sword, which was under 16kb and therefore could be placed on-chain

There were two challanges as I started: 1. How to create interessting NFTs within 16kb and 2. how show them on

As I started has not this option. I had to do a lot of convincing and co-worked on the metadata standard to get this working

But the good news is that 2. is done and no one have to bother with it again. So only 1. remains for following creators


Sorry, i don’t have any idea about it.

Hi @Donnybaseball ,

thanks for the info. I am working on creating on-chain NFT at the moment. Would love to know the metadata structure standard, so that could show my base64 html. I have checked StellarHood & CardanoTree metadata, but I don’t understand the placement of the JSONArray that they use.

If you have time, I would like to talk or discuss with you via DM maybe. Thanks.

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I don’t really know enough to be helpful. I would DM TurboEgon on twitter or DM him on Discord.

Have you tried that yet?

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@Donnybaseball : not yet, but will do. Thanks mate :smiley:

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You can DM me when your NFT’s are about to drop though!

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@Donnybaseball : sure that would be great. You can find the Twitter @sparkcube . Have a nice day then :coffee:

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