Empowering the Cardano Community in Africa: A Summary of the 9th June Catalyst Africa Town Hall

On June 9, 2023, the Catalyst Africa Town Hall featured two presentations, one by the Lido Nation Team and the other by the Facilitator’s Collective. The Lido Nation presentation focused on their new initiative, “Learn To Earn,” explicitly targeting Swahili speakers. The project aimed to encourage locals to learn about blockchain in their native language and provided incentives as they progressed through different levels of learning. Notably, learners had the opportunity to earn NFT rewards upon completing all the stages of the program.

Sallyanne, during her presentation, revealed that the “Learn To Earn” project was funded by Catalyst, with an allocated amount of $10,000.

Stephanie King, a member of the Lido Nation, highlighted that incentivization was an effective tool for rewarding new users. At the same time, hands-on practice provided participants with practical knowledge of blockchain tools such as wallets, NFTs, and transactions.

The initiative garnered significant interest, with approximately 222 registered for the program. So far, participants have earned 1,970 Ada, attempted 1,080 quizzes, and received 1,470 Ada in distribution. Notably, 126 individuals have successfully connected their wallets to a stake pool, a prerequisite for withdrawing rewards.

Additionally, Darlington Kofa, a leading member of the Lido Nation, provided a technical overview of the project, further enriching the discussion.

The Faciliator’s Collectives

The second presentation, delivered by Ubio and Vanessa from the Facilitator’s Collective, centred on becoming an effective facilitator. The project offered self-paced studies for individuals interested in enhancing their facilitation skills. Those wishing to improve their facilitation abilities were encouraged to enrol at the website.

The Catalyst Africa Town Hall was vibrant and engaging, with active participation from all attendees. The next meeting is scheduled for June 23, 2023. Participants left the event with valuable insights and knowledge from both presentations, and the ongoing initiatives demonstrated the commitment of the Cardano community to education, inclusivity, and skill-building within the blockchain ecosystem.

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