EMURGO Announces Joint Venture with Local Companies to Foster Enterprise Solution with Blockchain Technology in Indonesia


Cool ! One thing that I am thinking a lot of currently is not how Cardano can drive network growth (stuff like this shows they are definitively on top of that! Dont get me wrong hugely important as adoption will decide if a technology fails or not) but more on how can we remove limits on bandwith. When more and more projects will use the cardano ledger and ada as fuel then the ledger will grow massively. I know a lot of research is going into this. Like how sidechains tap into the ledger and does not add much “extra” cost, or how one can use a trusted seed (not sure the exact terminology used but you get the drift) to not have to download a full ledger. I have also seen a post on how they have made the ledger more efficient but I think for true explosive network growth this is really the key to make the ledger as efficient as possible and also look at how to remove its by nature tendency to grow exponentially as much as possible while retaining its advantages of decentralization.

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