What do you know about Traxia?


Is this Traxia company and partnership with Cardano legit?


That partner would be Emurgo :grin:


yes I see that emurgo is the arm that cardano invests through with enterprise. My concern is if this is real. If so, it is a first announcement of this type of enterprise commitment, is it not? If so, I would have thought this would be announced by Emurgo/Cardano…


I think that it can not announce from cardano or Emurgo. Because I think that it is the company of the investee to execute the ICO


Ok, but I found out about it on Cardano Reddit, so surely an Emurgo/Cardano Twitter announcement would not be much different? This is a big deal! Emurgo appears to have poached/coxed/illuminated an existing ETH partner to switch to Cardano. Well, I am excited anyway. I am just now reading their white paper.


We do not know so much great news in Japan :カルダノ:


if they have their own token to access their ecosystem, how does Cardano/ADA benefit? I really don’t understand the process of dapps etc


I do not even understand, but if traxia’s ICO succeeds and their trade revolution happens ADA will fly further to the moon


Can somebody explain how and when Cardano/ADA benefits from Traxia being on the Cardano blockchain.
In all of the diagrams in Traxia white paper, I do not see description of where ADA is used. I only see it mentioned as available for use during ICO?


At least two members of the team are here - https://t.me/traxiafoundation on the telegram group :wink:


Yes, I think Traxia is a great project. I am glad Emurgo is financing them


can you explain in general how Cardano benefits=where is ADA used when they are on Cardano Blockchain?
I understand it is a fundamental question…but I do not see it described in their(Traxia) white paper.


I would not use ADA to implement block chain technology of cardano layer structure and smart contract under development? It is a good idea to check details in telegram


I just reviewed the roadmap and it is listed as an Emurgo investment on last update-legitimate.