EMURGO to Drive ADA Adoption Through Strategic Investment in Digital Merchant Bank Y2X

This is the first of many investments that EMURGO will make in 2019 for further promote and support the mass adoption efforts of Cardano. :clap:


This is bigger than many realize. Think liquidity.

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Yes and just one of many investments. Excited to say the least!! HODL n wait and be rewarded later on. I might buy more today lol

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It will applied after Shelly right?

Iโ€™d be interested to hear a breakdown about this news about what it is exactly and what it means for ADA.

Itโ€™s on the map!


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I think it is an independent project, not tied to the platformโ€™s timeline. The bank will most likely facilitate creating accounts and conducting business for projects on Cardano.

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