What is Traxia? (Plans to build on Cardano Q4 2018?)


I saw this ICO sale coming up claiming ties to Cardano and Emurgo.

Anyone have any ideas on what this is?



Since I saw the same thing, I applied for a whitelist.
It will be the world’s first in ICO at the Cardano platform
I wish you good luck :cardano::ada::full_moon:


Please join us here - https://t.me/traxiafoundation we have at least 2 team members that can answer you directly


The white paper describes what they do, all good, but I want to know how Cardano/ADA benefits?


Easy to explain ARch. After it migrates on Cardano and starts to get mass adoption, it will need gas to pay to run it’s smart contracts on Cardano /s Network. This “gas” will be “denominated” in ada, so there will be 1. an increse in demand for ada 2. an increse in network (ppl need to buy ada to pay for sm ctr?) 3. an increse in revenue to stakeholders (from tx fee) 4. it will increase the ecosystem of ada (ppl who will use this in real life, might become ada holders later


I kind of understand that, just didn’t see that “cost” of ADA described in their white paper. Everything else made sense, and sounds like an interesting use of distributed ledger tech.


Pre-sale will have a 40% discount - i hope ada fans will support Traxia.co


I think it makes good fintech


Its great - not good. Whitepaper is almost like academic and its focus on B2B and SME is what Ada ecosystem needs


Agree!! I like me the access for the small business cash flow, might look into it myself!!


Just read the WP. Found it hard to follow some of the numbers. Seems like they are immediately giving 40% to founders, developers, advisors and lawyers. Let me know if that is wrong.


The idea is good, but they are not the only team doing this.


That was my next step, who else is in this arena?


By the way…#Emurgo today announces that it has a strategic partnership with SIRIN LABS! Read the full text here: facebook.com/emurgo.io/post…
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If you saw the WP - you see that it’s a real b2b business company then a “tech” one :wink: They dont promise inovation in blockchain tech, they will use Cardano all the way. But they will go out and try to pursue business like Porsche to use Cardano…
here is the whitepaper - https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/baba69_30f719c55f344ab7ae44715a4d287811.pdf - A good portion of Tokens go to those named by you. But!! Funds from ICO will have another distribution: Business Development & Sales 5.000.000 33%
Smart-Contract Development 3.000.000 20%
Legal and Compliance 1.500.000 10%
Liquidity Buffer 1.500.000 10%
Loan Warehousing 26.400.000 64% (Warehousing and
Market Making)
So, i would argue its rather balanced. And if you check the Warehousing concept in the WP - its very well thought :wink:


Link doesn’t work, ATM it’s the top post on this page: https://www.facebook.com/emurgo.io


From my understanding, Populous is doing something similar to Traxia.


Here’s their whitepaper too:


From what I can see, it’s an ERC20 token.


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Good Evening, I am trying to find more information to establish credibility, and determine what kind of expertise is on this team. Has any one found more information about Traxia besides what https://www.traxio.co says?

Traxia reference Cardano and Emergo, but has any one found the opposite where Cadano or Emurgo claim to be part of Traxia? Like published on a public web site?

P.S. Did you know that the ₳ symbol used for Ada is Unicode 20B3? It was used by the country of Argentina for money in the 1980s and 1990s.


If you followed Cardano close enough you would have seen Charles post on twitter his “simple proof”’ of the Solidity to IELE Compiler that will enable every ERC20 token to come to the Scalable Cardano Blockchain.


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