Traxia IcO

Anyone know if the traxia ICO is legal for US citizens?


I’m getting some. If I go to jail I’m blaming you guys. :grin:


The pre-sale price is a little high, don’t you think? Why would I buy into this ICO at .15 or even .13 when Ada is .16 right now? Doesn’t it make more sense to put that money into Ada instead? the website doesn’t inspire much confidence, I mean there’s writing errors?! The ICO is on Cardano’s network, it can’t be worth almost as much as Ada is right now, that’s insane.


A token could be worth more than the network it is sitting on.

I hear you on their website and white paper, I am skipping this one. There will be others.


It could…it’s just not a fully formed token yet. From my perspective the whole point of ICO’s is to get in at 0.02 or some price along those lines.

Ada has 31 bil tokens, Traxia will have way less (all unsold tokens will be burned)

  • Its the first ICO financed and backed by Emurgo!
  • Emurgo will use Traxia’s migration from Ethereum to Cardano’s blockchain as a use-case to show other projects how it is done!
  • I find the real use case of Traxia is what this space needs! Real B2B projects :wink: not just pretty marketing

I am thinking on investing on this…perhaps buy 1 ETH worth…is the first step to register to the white list and then follow more steps?


Please check this Token Sale Info | Traxia… scroll down for a nice FAQ

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It doesn’t change the fact that the Liqease/ Traxia CTO doesn’t have any blockchain experience. That’s why I skipped this one.
Hope it will work out for those who invested nonetheless.

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I don’t think it’s true. Emurgo is financing Traxia! I am sure you know who is Emurgo. I think their blockchain experience is all Traxia needs to make it work. Traxia is not a tech focused ICO :wink: anyway

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I tracked his Linkedin page and there’s nothing related to blockchain, but he comes from a good french school. I’m still not convinced, but it’s a nice project indeed if they have tech backing. Hope it will work out well for you :slight_smile:

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I would like to buy Traxia but there are 2 barriers:

  1. I am not starting off with a minimum of 10 ETH investment. Cost/risk does not pass the sniff test for me.
  2. I am not going to go through a relatively unknown pool to buy in at less than 10 ETH.

Being in the US is not an issue as I am often out of country, I already white listed. I really like their plan, but the execution needs improvement.

I think I saw that the minimum is now 0.1 ETH

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pre-sale phase is over. Min investment is 0.1 eth. Price is 12 cents/1 tmt. No need for pools

Being the first ICO on Cardano and the first to get finance from Emurgo, Traxia needs to work out for Cardano’s ecosystem sake, not for my personal gains!


Oh, good info @Adafans_io which exchange did you use, and did you buy in with ETH directly?

I have been so busy lately, I am out of date. Thanks so much for the update.

Edit: 1 more question - did you store it as an ERC20 token at a personal address/wallet?

Hi Adafans_io
True, it’s only about 400 million tokens. I noticed it after I wrote the comment. It is important that this project succeeds, I’m rooting for it all the way! I just wish there was a better deal then .13-.15.

Did you say that it will be transitioning from ETH to Cardano? So it’s already on ETH? Is it being traded?

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  • Get whitelisted first. Provide a valid ethereum wallet (no exchange) like MyEtherWallet (the one i used) or similar. Traxia will be send to that address. Again - don’t use an exchange wallet! Could risk loosing it

  • You can contribute to Traxia ICO with Bitcoin, etherum and ada. (Check the faq for how to calculate how much will you get)

We can’t know the final circulating nr. it all depends how the sale will go…unsold tokens will be burned!

From“Emurgo will use Traxia’s migration from Ethereum to Cardano’s blockchain as a use-case to show other projects how it is done” Yes. Traxia will be distributed to ICO investors as an erc20 token on ETH. As soon as Cardano will go live with Goguen features (q4) Traxia will be the “first one” to migrate to ada.

Traxia team had a presentation in Korea last week (C. Hoskinson was there) He (C.H.) said there are at least 3 ways to migrate. More details will be available in 60 days (it was posted on traxia official telegram group, where you can get in touch and ask anything the CEO of Traxia Telegram: Contact @traxiafoundation)


Great Scott! where do you get the time to research all this information? It’s a full time job :)! Really glad to have in the community!

I got some Traxia now. Nice little investment. I like the idea that Traxia has a purpose, to fill in blockchain into trade financing. I like the idea that Traxia actually has a target market that is not just another Youtube, or social media, or online store. It is actually targeting a huge trade finance market. Even if they only make a small dent in the market, it will have great value.

Thanks for the heads up @Adafans_io